Greely’s Signature!

Happy Birthday, GG!!!

Hi, today is the 2nd of November 2014.
As for the updates:
Daily Explorer:

Diamond Challenge – Greely’s Spooky Video Challenge!!!


Greely here, reporting to all Jammers!

Today I’ve got a DIAMOND CHALLENGE for you, and it’s a real doozy. So listen up on how 10 JAMMERS can each earn 1 DIAMOND! Good Luck!

:diamond: :diamond: :diamond: :diamond: :diamond: :diamond: :diamond::diamond:




2. Watch any of these spook-tastic videos:

Is there such thing as a vampire squid?


Is there such thing as a spookfish?

Ghost Nets

3. Tell me 1 AWESOME FACT you learned while watching.

And why you think it’s important toPROTECT ANIMALS in the ocean!!!


Enter this DIAMOND CHALLENGE by commenting below, and make sure to tell your buddies to visit the DAILY EXPLORER for more details!!! Please only comment once!

Best of luck out there Jammers!


Awesome Greely signature! It’s a QUESTION MARK! I think I’d look good on Sir Gilbert too, though.
Well, makes sense. He, himself, is a mystery!
New Items:
Fall Wreath! There was a big version of this!
Part 3
    Hold it!
    Otto reached his trunk over to a tree. With a snap!, he was able to grab a twig and hurl it towards the phantom. Comically, the phantom said one word monotonely: “Ow.”
    This attracted the wolf’s attention. Disappearing before Otto’s eyes and astonishment, the phantom sneaked away into the dense forests. Otto gave a shocked cry as he looked back, but, to his amazement, the wolf emerged from the trees’ shadows. “Boo,” said the wolf darkly without humour.
    With that, the wolf brought his paw and the phantom was vanquished. He caught the toppling jar. Otto looked at the jar. Dark, gooey…
    “Diseases,” muttered the wolf, holding the jar with a paw, eyes glowing yellow and red. It stopped abruptly.
    A shout came by, “What do you have there, Greely?”
    The wolf slipped the jar into his bag. “Nothing,” he answered icily without any tone.
    Otto started, “You had-“
    “Nothing to share,” hissed the wolf, who was called Greely.
    A tiger burst out from behind Otto. “Oh-hoh, elephants! Tell me, boy! What does it feel like to have a trunk?” he asked. He pretended to be an elephant. Paws from his nose, he wriggled the paws. “Honk. Honk.”
    “Elephants don’t go honk, Sir Gilbert,” said a respectful voice. “They go more like a trumpet.”
    “I was having a joke, Peck,” said the tiger.
    A cheery voice bloomed in the sky. “Why are you animals bickering?”
    A panda emerged. “Cosmo and Graham are fixing the nature and destroying the machines by-“
    Her eyes fixed on Otto. “Who’s this little animal?” she asked, smiling.
    “I… I’m Otto,” Otto stuttered.
    Sir Gilbert whooped. “An elephant, Liza! An elephant! What does it feel like to have big ears?”
    “Wow, I can just paint more tattoos here than on my body!” cried Peck the bunny.
    “Everyone seems excited to see a new animal. Come on, Otto. We invite you to Jamaa!” cried Liza.
    Was he still a slave?
    No longer.
    He’s now the leader, the one who brought the elephants and Jamaa’s meeting to happen.
The ‘hold it’ is just from Ace Attorney. I can’t resist putting it in.
Jam on!

4 comments on “Greely’s Signature!

  1. Hi :3

    I saw your birthday drawing for Gamer on DA. It’s so sweet! 🙂

    Greely’s signature thing is so.. idk.. mysterious.? Ya, mysterious.

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