AJHQ, Is That Candy?

Hey! 3rd November… There was this Deviant with manga-ish, chibi art I wanted to wish ‘happy birthday’ to, but, who cares.

I hope you had a grand birthday, GG!
Daily Explorer:
Today’s rare is…

RIM – Rare Lasso!!!

November 3, 2014 Category: Cool StuffRare Item Monday


Round up your buddies!!! The RARE LASSO is here!!

Today’s RARE ITEM is the perfect accessory to round up all of your buddies for a great time!!! Make sure to grab this new item while you can!!!

Can you believe that November is officially here! Jamaa is going to be fantastic this fall!!!

Animal Jam HQ

Wasn’t there a purple rare lasso before?
No history?
New Items:
Yum! Looks like that long black candy made into a circle! What? Licuirce, licoirce… Heck. I’ve only seen it once. With a weird brand- Hairbo. I think I didn’t eat it.
Liorice, right?
Ask me! Ask me a Question!
Fact… 5? Or 6?
I was once persuaded by my pre-school principal to skip a grade/level, but I didn’t.
Ha- I feel smart suddenly.
Nah, I don’t.
Jam on, guys!
P.S. I hate how this is being debated on:
“Is AJHQ Fair?”
“Does Non-members Get too Little things?”
Hey, hey, hey.
Cut it out.
If I can go without complaining, why can’t you?
“Easy for you to say. You’ve been playing little bit after the BETA time!”
I don’t think AJHQ is that unfair. I’m pretty OK with with. Anyway, what do you think they need the money for? Brainstorm a little on this and see where AJHQ is heading to: Summer Camps, new iTunes music, apps, producing new items, and maybe even hire better technicians and people to keep their dataa safe from those hackers. See? I’m totally fine with it and I’m a non-member.

11 comments on “AJHQ, Is That Candy?

  1. =O Om gush! You so smart!!!!! X3

    Maybe you’re like smart because you don’t mind nearly every new item and animal and y’know stuff like that on AJ being members only. Eh, eh? 😛

    And me too! That black licorice. I swear, when I first saw this new item on the aj insiders IG account, I thought the new item was black licorice.

    This “word” (not really XD) has been in my head for some (I mean no cx) reason: Shnorkle. >:3

    ~ Shnorkle, Cutepups of cutepuppiness =3

  2. Do you have a favorite animal? If so, what is it? Please explain your answer.

  3. I did. :3 I will try to tell you guys about it later, need to catch the bus!

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