Thanksgiving? Clueless!


Made a new OC yesterday. It was fun.
Anyway, Animal Jam updates!
Daily Explorer:
New Item:
String of Leaves!
Oh! It’s beautiful! Lately, AJHQ has been making non-members Autumn/Fall stuff!
Whoops! Shouldn’t have said that.
Who knows my words can stir up something else?
The emote:
Fact no. 6:
I have no idea what Thanksgiving is before these last two months. I thought Thanksgiving is about being thankful, being with family and eat turkeys. Apparently, it’s about some history of togetherness. I can’t seem to remember it, but I remember there were pilgrims in the story.
Jam on, you all!

4 comments on “Thanksgiving? Clueless!

  1. I know I know!!!! *raises hand*
    Okay, okay.
    So english settlers from England wanted to find new land and a new, uncrowded land where they could practice their religion in peace. Anyway, they sailed all over the place and found this cool land thingy that they later named the United States of America. Anyway, there was like this thing where Native Americans (Indians.) which were these peeps who lived on the land before the people from England came, well, they had a fight with another tribe, and the English united with them to help stop their enemy tribe, and later on they came together to celebrate their peace (plus the English wouldn’t have survived without them.) and they got a to of food and the Indians and the Pilgrims (which were the English, but they were named Piligrims because of their journey for religous reasons.) came together to eat it, which us peoples now call Thanksgiving. c: or something like that story, anyway.
    What OC did you make? :3

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