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Hi! I’m really obsessed with my new OC as I was with some of my previous OCs. Irrelevant, as for our updates…

Daily Explorer:
Diamond Challenge winners:

Diamond Challenge – Greely’s Spooky Video Challenge!!!

November 2, 2014 Category: Diamond Challenge



Congrats to the following Jammers for earning 1 Diamond each with their fantastic responses!

Eternal Firstrose

Incredible Cutewolf

Darling Shymoon

Mythical Arcticbeast

Gorgeous Snowylily

Old Grandpaw

Sparkle Shyrose

Enchanted Arcticjoy

Little Spookjoy

Little Arcticrose

Great job Jammers! Take care until we see each other again!


Creature Feature – Dr. Brady Barr and a woodland owl!

Today’s CREATURE FEATURE is fall-tastic! It features one of autumn’s most treasured creatures,WOODLAND OWLS!!! Dr. Brady knows his stuff, and now you can learn from the legend himself!

Autumn is here, and Jamaa’s leaves are turning magical colors!!! It’s such a JAM-tastic time of year!!! There are also so many new surprises happening in Jamaa, including the arrival of a new animal . Any idea what it could be???

We hope you enjoy this spectacular video on WOODLAND OWLS

Jam on!!!


Jammer Art – Puppy Sketch Jam!

November 5, 2014 Category: Jammer ArtPets


This week’s JAMMER ART features some very talented artists showing off some incredible puppy sketches!!! Congrats to these awesome artists:

Duchess Arcticrose

Twinkle Coolgirl

Arctic Wolf

Sergeant Tinysailor

Fuzzy Arcticwolf

If your art wasn’t featured here, some “honorable mentions” will be featured in Jammer Central!!! Make sure you check it out. Thanks to every Jammer that submitted!

Our next JAMMER ART themes are:



We are so excited to see what you come up with!!! If you’d like to learn how to submit, click here!!!


Animal Jam HQ

New Items:
Credits and yesterday’s also:

Yay! For once, my words didn’t work immediately! Somehow, this item looks really familiar, and the only two “online games” I play are Animal Jam and Pet Society. So… Pet Society closed down like two years ago, so… Dun! Hmm… or is it in Tunnel Town?

I think it’s in the Smurf’s Village.
I was trying to get a few screenshots, but many items from Animal Jam resembles the Smurfs’ Village’s itemsa.
Wild Wednesday:
Just because I have no stories, it doesn’t mean that there will be NO W.W.!
Epaulette Shark
Source: National Geographic Kids Almanac 2015
Guess what? A new species of epaulette shark that was found off the coast of Indonesia can also walk! Hemiscyllium halmahera is it’s scientific name, and it feeds on invertebrates in tide pools and coral reefs. It can survive for about an hour in thee low-oxygen condition of  tide pools by increasing blood flow to it’s brain and shutting down less essential body functions.
If you haven’t guessed, it’s a shark.
*While looking for the picture, I was really heartbroken to learn that people sell many great beasts as pets. Seriously, christinapets? Reef Sharks? Now we know why they’re getting extinct to fast, aside the shark fin soup company.
That’s awesome! No, the almanac is not mine.
Jam on!
P.S. I’ll be gone on Friday morning all the way to Saturday evening, so I won’t be blogging or on deviantArt during Friday. Jam on!

2 comments on “Corn of Plenty

  1. Cool post!

    I’m busy on Saturday.

    Me so bootiful. ^w^ x3

  2. Ok, see you. They’re selling sharks as pets?wow..

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