I’m Back

Hey, guys. I’m just so weary. I just had a long, traffic-filled road trip. Nothing else to add. So, here’s our story:

Epic Wonders
    “Magicstones!” cried Liza. “It’s been a while since I found my journal!”
    She pulled the book. It has a story of an adventure. Now a famous shop, who knew what it’s history was?
Part 1
    I remember walking down to Coral Canyons with Sir Gilbert and Greely. It was near to midnight, and yet, we still patrol the area. We wanted to make sure it was safe for the other animals. Sir Gilbert was pestering Greely to answer his “how does it feel” questions, and I was tapping my staff on the floor as I walked.
    “Hush!” Greely suddenly spoke.
    I turned towards him. “What is it, Greely?”
   “I feel a presence,” said Greely. “Something that’s not an animal.”
    The wind howled. The pots hanging from the trees clattered against each other. It was still a mystery to us why pots were there.
    A feeling. Wind rushed through me. “Did you feel that?” I asked, panicked. “I felt as if something passed through me!”
    “I feel it too,” said Sir Gilbert.
    Greely was silent. “A spirit.”
    A whine. A snort. “A horse spirit,” proclaimed Greely, eyes glowing yellow. “I can see it. It’s blue, whisked off the four winds- North, South, East, West. It’s mane is long, blue as well. It’s eyes… it does not have eyes for they are empty.”
    The air seemed to get colder. A ghastly sound filled the air, “A spirit I may be… but, remember… I am not harmless…”
Okay. Haha, this was planned about two years ago, and just now I can completely be done with it finally! Okay, jam on!

5 comments on “I’m Back

  1. Ooh! A different type of story, eh? Cool! So it’s how the Alphas discovered Epic Wonders? c:

    Welcome back!

  2. Cool! I feel like writing today too!
    Just asking.. Um, is everything okay with you and Nebula?

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