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Yup. Another I-am-forced-to-do-something day. It’s a concert. SERIOUSLY? How many pairs of eyes are there? Okay, if it’s a group, I’m okay. THIS IS SOLO, PEOPLE. RESPECT ME BY NOT STARING!

Anyway, school starts once again tomorrow and I will have ICT test tomorrow. Yup. We all love tests… Sarcastically saying. Anyway, I guess we all would love to know another cool creature… Let’s see…
Explanation: too tired and lazy, I have to take up my ICT and Maths test tomorrow.
Anyway. I have a question for you all: What is your main activity on Sundays?
A few posts from the Daily Explorer:

News Crew – Preparing for Winter!

November 6, 2014 Category: Contest,News Crew



Most animals dig away at the ground to form a warm, cozy den or find a wet, damp cave to sleep through the coldest days of winter. This is called Hibernating.

In Autumn animals store their food because food stock is low in winter. I strongly advise you get a Parka at Mt Shiveer Shoppe or Cozy Shoes to keep your self warm with style. As for your den a hot pillow with a small, cute plushie to snuggle up to.

-Arctic Wolf


Thanks to Arctic Wolf for that spectacular NEWS CREW onPREPARING FOR WINTER!

Have you been wanting to submit to the NEWS CREW? Our next topic will be centered around the FEAST OF THANKS, and we’re curious what makes Jammers THANKFUL… We can’t wait to hear what you’re thankful for!

Submit through JAMMER CENTRAL by November 16th, 2014. Be sure to include a short article and a snap talking about what you’re thankful for!

Your submission should have a picture that goes along with your article, so be sure to include a SCREENSHOT from Animal Jam that fits your article. (To learn how to take a screenshot, click here.)

Animal Jam HQ

I’d love to enter, but I doubt I’ll win. It seems that AJHQ looks on of the members’ ones first… Always…

Jammer Tip – Submitting a Howl

November 7, 2014 Category: Jammer Tip


Have you ever wanted to send a howl to any of your buddies?

Howls can be shout-outs, quotes, jokes, mottos, or any Jammin’ saying. They appear on Jammer Central and scroll along for all Jammers to see! As long as your howl does not contain line breaks, quotations, or other special characters, you should be howlin’ in no time!

Learn more about HOWLS by CLICKING HERE!!!

If your howl makes it onto Jammer Central, you’ll win this plaque!


Howl on Jammers!

Animal Jam HQ

I think I’ve sent up to fifty by now…
Well… More about howls? used by wolves to communicate to each other!
Wait. What are line breaks? Are those these dashes? This: “-“?

Diamond Challenge – Temple of Trivia Challenge!


Sir Gilbert here! Calling all Jammers for the next DIAMOND CHALLENGE!!!

:diamond: :diamond: :diamond: :diamond: :diamond: :diamond: :diamond::diamond:

Here’s how 10 Jammers can win 1 DIAMOND each:

1. Head to the TEMPLE OF TRIVIA 

2. Take a SNAP of the RESULTS PAGE after finishing your best round! (need help taking a snap? CLICK HERE)


3. Upload your SNAP to JAMMER CENTRAL located in JAMAA TOWNSHIP (need help? CLICK HERE)

The TEMPLE OF TRIVIA can be found in the LOST TEMPLE OF ZIOS at the entrance of the temple. It can also be played and purchased at the SOL ARCADE.

Best of luck!!! Tell your buddies to visit the DAILY EXPLORER to learn how to enter!!! Submissions are due NOV 10 at 9 PM MDT.



Puh. Easy.
Jam on, guys!

9 comments on “Post It

  1. Swimmerchamp says:

    Hey Rainbow!

    Had a few minutes on my hands today :D. Seems like you’re as busy as I am.
    Anyway, to answer your question about what I do on Sundays… homework. Because it just doesn’t end. Because once you do one, there’s another. And another. But oh well with that.

    I’m thinking about returning to our awesome little community soon. Since it’s the end of the year and all. Holidays are coming… finally!

    Hope to see you around!

    • Hi, Champ! Great to hear from you! Yes, apparently I had to do something with school and that I wasn’t allowed to blog everyday now, due to reasons. Well, I hope to hear more from you when December settles.

  2. Good luck on all those tests, Rainbow!

    I also have quite a few quizzes and tests this week. Ergh! >•<

    I do different stuff every weekend. But for this Sunday? Hmm, let's see…

    I didn't sleep well last night- at all. Even though I slept in a fancy hotel bed. X3 D:
    Went back home.
    Said bye to my sister who's going back to college. (She went home this weekend.)
    Finished homework.
    Studied for assessments.
    Fed my pets.
    Made awkward post over on my blog. o.o
    Ate dinner.
    Watched TV.
    Commented on other blogs. c;
    And I have to walk my dog soon.

    Not as boring as one might think!

  3. Oh. Is it just me or is this News Crew article way shorter than all the other ones? Maybe I’m not reading most News Crews nowadays… idk

  4. Below: that’s great, swimmerchamp! I miss your comments! ^^
    Wow, you guys are so busy! I have no life! 0-0 you know what I do?
    I go on Deviant Art, then on blogs, then watch anime, then draw. That’s been my life for a couple of months ^^; but yesterday, I went to a play and didn’t get a chance to volunteer.. And I’m off on Monday so I will be doing some drawings and thinkings of life. It’s boring without you guys and wow I really need to stop OBSSESING with electronics, ah.
    I’m really worried about end of the semsester grades.
    I think I will do some extra credit and studying this Monday.. Sigh…

  5. Ha ha, I mean above. You comment above the other comments when you type it, though..

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