Monday Post

Random Monday post:

Hi! Normal day of school. I thought that it’ll be a good thing to share today’s rare:

RIM – Rare Knitted Sweater!!!

November 10, 2014 Category: Rare Item Monday



Check out this incredibly warm RARE KNITTED SWEATER! Doesn’t it look cozy? The perfect accessory for the upcoming winter!!!

Have you seen the new SKY KINGDOM DEN yet? It’s the newest and biggest DEN in Jamaa, and apparently there are so many cool places to explore and have fun! Have you picked yours up today???

Screen Shot 2014-11-09 at 9.41.21 AM

Jammers rule!! Thanks for keeping up with the DAILY EXPLORER:)

What JAM-tastic things do you have planned with your SKY KINGDOM???

Animal Jam HQ

Since when does AJHQ uses emoticons on their posts? Why that cap again?
AJHQ is definitely not being my idol as much as they used to be.
Especially after all those hacking and scamming incidents…
Anyway. A fact!
Fact no. 8 –> My favourite flavour of ice-cream, chocolate, milkshake, etc. is Cookies and Cream/Creme. They’re delicious. Cookies and Cream lover! I like Oreo cookies ( YOU should know them!)
Here’s a little quote from the world, originally from a poem:


Jam on!


4 comments on “Monday Post

  1. I like cookies & cream, too! So yummy! 😛

    Thoughtful quote there. ^^

    And to be honest with you, I think AJHQ is overly excited about the new items. Maybe more than Jammers. Heh. Go figure. With all the “???” and “!!!” In their posts.

    Yep. AJHQ is SO good at teaching little kids grammar. The restricted chat is different than usual- in a bad way. I couldn’t type more than 2 letters in all-caps before. Way to go, AJ. Way to go. .-.

  2. To add to the comments below, I think they’re trying to copy the AJ bloggers out there x3
    Love the quote. :3

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