Blood of Olympus Mini Spoilers

All spoilers post!
Greetings! Who here is a fan of Rick Riordan’s books? BLOOD OF OLYMPUS IS OUT!!! ❤
Anyway, I borrowed my friend’s and immediately skipped to the last two chapter!

Rick Riodan, I’m so happy!!!

Wait. Is he dead…?
Or… is Nico?

I need to read it.
If any of the two dies, I’ll kill Rick Riordan… Not really, but, WHY???

Anyway, next book is about Asgard gods. Huh, go figure.
**So off topic!**


4 comments on “Blood of Olympus Mini Spoilers

  1. NO NOOOO NONOOOO WHY YOU DO THIS TO ME AGH I ACCIDENTLY READ UR SPOILERS AGH *tries hard to forget* I haven’t read the series in so long I think I forgot most of the characters tho, but I’m so excited it came out because I love them!!!!!!

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