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Diamond Challenge – Tavie’s Fall Scavenger Hunt!!!

Tavie_diamondchallengeJammers! It’s me, Tavie!!! I’m so excited to announce my first DIAMOND CHALLENGE! So excited in fact, that I’m going to be rewarding 5 JAMMERSwith 3 DIAMONDS each. You heard right, 3 DIAMONDS each!!! My fins are flipping with excitement!!! Here’s how you can win:

:diamond: :diamond: :diamond: :diamond:

1.Put on your PILGRIM or TURKEY HAT or simply change your animal to a FALL COLOR.

2. Take a SNAP of 1 of the following hints/secrets:

-An animal that SLITHERS through the outback

– A FAMOUS PLACE where phantoms are sure to come while you’re taking a nap

-You may hear a RING in theBREEZE while you rest under the trees at this location

-You may catch a glimpse of EAGLES FLYING when you JUMP just right.

3. MENTION something that you love about FALL in your snap as well!

Submit your snaps through JAMMER CENTRAL in JAMAA TOWNSHIP! If you’d like to submit, check out this handy tutorial: How to Submit Artwork

ENTRIES are due at 9 PM MDT! Best of luck Jammers!!! Tell ALL buddies!!! :lol: :)


What are your thoughts on these newemotes??? CLICK HERE to check them out!

Animal Jam HQ

Wow, riddles! Too bad Tavie don’t have her own signature…
Little bonus:
Here’s a little emoticon of “table flip”:
(╮°-°)╮┳━┳ (╯°□°)╯ ┻━┻
Certainly turning the table!
Here’s a little something:
When playing the Corn Maze, and you get a tractor, I’d would like to trade it with you. I am trying to collect all the corn maze items, and PLEASE, even as rebellious as you are, please, please, PLEASE, do not enter my den. It is under construction and DO NOT ENTER! It’ll be a surprise, and if you DID, keep it to yourself.
Oh, and, welcome the newest member to our community! Sorry it’s a late shout out!
Jam on, all!

5 comments on “Farming!

  1. My reaction when I read the title if this post.: O.o What is this. ??? xD

    So anyways, such excitement by Tavie now. I see how it is, AJHQ…

    How fun. You go flip that table completely over. cx

    Aww ok, Rainbow. I won’t let crazy Enchanted enter your den for the time being. Wait. I control her (and Precious X3). Ok. I won’t enter your den then. (<- ha, that rhymes!) but to be honest with you, I thin that was only the 2nd or 3rd time I've visited your den. Lol.

  2. I can give you some of the items! :3 I will try to go on AJ more to get them for you.
    I have an extra bush. (I’m not sure, but I will try to see if I can give u the member items.)

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