Pets and Polars

Hello! Today’s post is about What Do I Think! It’s about theories and ideas. Interested? Read on!

“Ghost Cards”
Cutepups522 sighted all her buddies as “ghost cards”, and she said that many bloggers claimed that any Jammer inactive since the update on Tuesday, which lasted from 30 minutes to an hour,  are unable to receive Jam-a-Grams, and no one can visit their den, and so. Why?
I think it’s for AJHQ’s newest system to prevent “hacking” and so. Still, I think it’s dangerous. What if it’s urgent, a Jam-a-Gram from someone? Hmm… What do you think about this?
Pets Like Animals
Obviously running out of ideas. I dislike the ideas of this. Many animals are re-sized, edited, coded and made into pets. Sure, cute and wearing special accessories, but what do you think? Double animals? I must say the fox and tiger animal-pets looks cute, but they might be a little bit blunt. Plus, the deer came, budding the reindeer pet. Huh, go figure.
Anyway, here’s today’s Daily Explorer:

New Arrival – Polar Bears are here!!!


POLAR BEARS have officially arrived!!! Jammers everywhere have been waiting for this moment, and it’s finally here!

These spectacular animals are ready for fall and VERY READY for winter! :lol:

With the JAMAALIDAYS approaching, these gentle giants are sure to make this winter extra special!!! Make sure to head to the DIAMOND SHOP and become a POLAR BEAR today!!!


There’s also a fantastic POLAR BEAR MINIBOOK that just came out! Visit the CHAMBER OF KNOWLEDGE to learn fantastic facts about these furry friends!!! Just head to the northern part of the LOST TEMPLE OF ZIOS.

Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 12.17.52 PM

Tell us something that you learn from the POLAR BEAR MINIBOOK by commenting below!!

Jam on! :laugh::laugh::laugh:

Animal Jam HQ

Awesome! I forgot it’s Thursday Update Day!
Yesterday’s post:

Jammer Art – Cornucopia and Thankfulness


Hey Jammers, it’s me Peck! JAMMER ART is back and looking rather festive!!!

CORNUCOPIA / THANKFULNESSwere this week’s topics and Jammers from all over showed their FEAST OF THANKS spirit!!! Congrats to the following Jammers for being featured and winning this awesome plaque for their den!


Blossom Fierypride

Arctic Wolf

Leaping Snowybelle

Eternal Magiccroc

Medieval Spiritstone

:) :lol: :razz:

Make sure to enter our next JAMMER ART contests, by creating and submitting art of the following topics:



I can’t wait to see what you come up with!!! If you want to learn how toSUBMIT your art, CLICK HERE! Bring on the PHANTOM TURKEYS and POLAR BEARS!!!


Most of them are just so epic!
Plus the new items:
Polar Bears are sure cute!
Awesome! Yay, those colours of the gloves looks new! If anyone could help me, I’d like to be traded a few, please! I have a few rares.
Also in the Jamaa Journal, they talk about Jamaaliday Gifts!
Fact #9: I had more than three types of animals as pets.
Why don’t you guess what they are?
Hint: I have/had 8 types of pets.
Jam on!

2 comments on “Pets and Polars

  1. Rainbow… I don’t know what to do!! Anon just won’t stop being mean to me on my blog. And also Mutant’s getting mean comments from him, as well. I just don’t know anymore! D’:

    Well, bye I guess. 😦

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