Seriously, AJHQ? You HAD to, HAD TO, Disable the Adventure?

Hi, Jammers! Please, little kids, if you’re reading this, if any of you are, I hope you all do NOT copy the links and so.

Anyway, here’s that Anonymous’s page:
Hmm… Read that.
Since SEPTEMBER 2014.
If you think about it, on around September, an Anonymous came to the (younger viewers can see this pawsome blog) and swore a bunch. If I recall correctly, the name wasn’t Anonymous that time. I now apologise… that this blog has been deleted with Nafaria9’s other blogs…
A hater appeared on and started saying he/she hates everything but him/herself. Huh, what a vain person.
If any of you can remember, it’ll help so much!
Now, sorry about that. Off to our updates!
Daily Explorer:

AJ Academy – AJ COMIC: Behind the Scenes!!!

:butterfly:    ATTENTION JAMMERS!  :butterfly:

Did you ever wonder how Animal Jam makes such Jam-tastic artwork??? Well, now you can see the process for yourself!


:rainbow: :rainbow: :rainbow: :rainbow: :rainbow:


AJHQ is very passionate about making art, which is why we constantly encourage Jammers everywhere to BE CREATIVE and MAKE ART as much as possible! You can even earn PLAQUESfor making art and entering contests here on the DAILY EXPLORER!!!

CLICK HERE to learn more!

What JAM-tastic creations do you have planned today??? :) :) :)

Animal Jam HQ


AJHQ UPDATE – Twists and Turns

:phantom: :phantom: :phantom: :phantom: :phantom: :phantom: :phantom::phantom: :phantom: :phantom: :phantom: :phantom:
Screen Shot 2014-11-21 at 4.13.13 PM

:phantom:  ATTENTION JAMMERS  :phantom:

Pesky Phantoms have been up to no good! AJHQ will be running a few tests on the TWISTS AND TURNS maze adventure, so the game will currently be unavailable.

But have no fear!!! We will figure out what issues these rogue phantoms have been causing, and get the problem fixed ASAP. In the meantime, head toCHAMBER OF KNOWLEDGE and check out the new POLAR BEAR MINIBOOK!!! There’s so much to learn!

Jam on Jammers!

Animal Jam HQ

Ah, shoot. Go ahead, blame the phantoms for everything.
I played it yesterday, though.

Jammer Tip – How to Earn Plaques for your den!!!


Calling Jammers everywhere to start earning your PLAQUES!!!! Below is a list of how YOU can earn a PLAQUE:

Your ART is featured on Jammer Central

Your HOWL makes it on Jammer Central

BRADY or TIERNEY answer a question that you submit

You make it on the AJ NEWS CREW

You aced the ONLINE SAFETY QUIZ in Jamaa

You win a JAMMER SNAPS contest

Tell ALL of your buddies about these awesome PLAQUES!!!
Jam on! :) :) :)
Animal Jam HQ

I cannot seem to win.
Fact #10: I hate dramas when I am the one performing.
IP Addresses… I know learned the secret of manipulating comments!
Anyway, jam on!

3 comments on “Seriously, AJHQ? You HAD to, HAD TO, Disable the Adventure?

  1. I also know that
    1) a mean anon user once commented on Ethereal Comet’s blog
    2) every time I turn off moderation, they come back. Not knowing that the comments will still reach me.
    3) they play Animal Jam they once said that they hated non members on one of my posts.
    4) apparently it makes them happy when they say mean things to others
    5) they responded by using their account, I think I made them mad by saying ‘You’re a coward hiding behind computer screens’ how they made that account earlier tells me something like this happened before.
    6) their comments consist of ‘go kill yourself/you stink’ and ‘you/your blog sucks’ and a lot of bad words when people respond, and or when they are commenting. (sorry for the language.)

    Now, Rainbow.. I’m almost scared to check my comments in the mornings, or even post. Knowing that they’ll be right there, looking and trying to make me feel bad. I used to be happy that you could see if someone was on my blog with me, but all I think is ‘what if it’s that anon?’

    it hurts.
    I’m fighting battles too, and they just added to the cannons.

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