Hi, Jammers and bloggers, passer-bys and people! How’s your day? Anyway, here’s a quote to start your day:


Anything can happen

Anyway, remember that Anonymous, I actually found myself enjoying typing to him/her. I don’t know.
Here’s our Wild Sunday post:
It’s a type of deer found on Sumatra. They’re quick and alert, and they make a loud honking noise to warn other rusa when there’s danger. Rusa own large ears, and often having a few light tufts of hair above their eyebrows. Males have three-tined antlers. Female and male rusa have grey-brown coat of fur. Males often fight one another for a female, sometimes, males would “decorate” their antlers with grass and twigs. Their “mating” season is from July to August.  These rusa deer are polygynous, meaning they have more than one mate over time. 
Source: wikipedia
(I did the research some time ago… so…)
I need to change it’s name. Wild Sunday sounds awkward.
Jam on!

5 comments on “Rusa

  1. Maybe to the um ‘wild adventures of the magical Sunday known as where you put animals and stuff’?
    ah quotes. :33

  2. Oh. That reminds me. How about calling it “Species Sundays” on Sundays, and keep the “Wild Wednesdays” on Wednesdays.? (Hey, that’s the only good “S”- alliteration I can think of. (Sunday- S..))

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