All Spoiler Post on the Blood of Olympus

Leo didn’t die.

    He went off with Calypso, riding on Festus, across the blue skies. He’ll bring Calypso out to no-where, and make sure she’ll be happy. Maybe the two can start a new life, a new start.
    He wondered… how were his friends? After being exploded from the skies, he was sure everyone thought he was dead. Sure, he was dead, but thanks to the horrible physician’s cure, he’s back up.
    He gazed ahead, looking at the blue seas, blue sky and the white soaring clouds…
Basically, Leo ended up with Calypso. Leo x Calypso forever! ❤
They’re so cute together.
Staying at Camp Half-Blood, going to re-do the cabin’s decoration, and staying in the infirmary. Sure, “doctor’s” orders.
    Will Solace basically banned him from using any of his Underworld powers. Surprisingly, Nico found that perfectly okay.
    Not the first time when Will made him stay in the infirmary.
    He thought about what Percy and Annabeth said.
    “We’re going to spend our senior year together,” Annabeth explained, “here in New York. And after graduation-“
    “College in New Rome!” Percy cried, pumping his fists. “Four years with no monsters to fight, no battles, no stupid prophesy. Just me and Annabeth, getting our degrees, hanging out at cafés, enjoying California-“
    “And after that…” Annabeth stopped short to kiss Percy on the cheek. “Well, Reyna and frank said we can live in New Rome as long as we like.”
    Sure, Nico was happy for them. He confessed his love for Percy. He decided, all was well for everyone.
    All but him.
    Hazel moved back to New Rome with Frank, and Will made him stay in the infirmary. He got slightly emotional before Reyna and the crowd, the roars of approval of Reyna hugging Nico rang in his ears.
    Maybe, all will be well.
Nico really got a strong personality shown in this book, The Blood of Olympus, through his point-of-view. Apologise that word spoken by Percy. It’s from the book. Especially when you’re a kid.
Haha, sorry I that I’ve strayed from the Animal Jam topic. I’ll update tomorrow, probably. I just finished the book and I was so happy with the pairings.
Percy x Annabeth (standard), Frank x Hazel (standard) and, the best, Leo x Calypso!!!
Oh well, jam on!
P.S. Spoiled you all yet?
P.P.S. When Nico was thinking about what Percy and Annabeth said, it’s from the book. All other written chapters upstairs are fanfictions. Maybe to continue the book.

8 comments on “All Spoiler Post on the Blood of Olympus

    stop it Rainbow GAH
    we can fangirl over it AFTER I FINISH IT

  2. I like sad endings better. Leo should have stayed dead. That would have been AWESOME! And if there wasn’t that big an age difference, Nico and Reyna would be the perfect couple

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