Sarepia Forest- In The Winter Spirit

Hi, there! About the Blood of Olympus… (No spoilers, really! If you already read my previous spoiler, then, no.)


Honestly, I want him to wander around, despite the 100 people that love him in Camp Half-Blood, and find another camp. If you realise something, Nico has always been the “bridge”, he put things together. He’s very important. I wish Rick Riordan can make him lead quests, but, it’s over. The PJO and HoO series are over. Next, it’s just some guy named Marcus Chase or something with Asgard gods, with a Summer Sword.

I’m going to miss the Greek gods.

Anyway, Animal Jam topic!

Yesterday’s picture taken by phone:

Did anyone have this happen? When you didn’t log-in, and you found presents open? On one of my accounts, all was open but the 5th, and I didn’t geet any prize. Odd… (I only opened yesterday, 6th of December 2014)…


On a spare account, I entered Sarepia Forest and saw some decoration:


Either I have never seen them or they’re new. I want them.


More decoration at Sarepia’s!


A piece of decoration and Kimbara Outback:


That’s Cutepup’s tag there…

Did anyone ever experience this:


Say, Sarepia is beautifully decorated. Which land do you think is decorated the best?


P.S. Buddies, you are now welcome to check my den. It’s incomplete, and I wonder still if any of you have a tractor…


2 comments on “Sarepia Forest- In The Winter Spirit

  1. That’s weird..
    Yes, I like the random snowflakes and gifts in the forest.
    Hey, that’s my pet kangaroo!
    That sign reminds me of that maze adventure. Have you gotten lost, Rainbow?
    Uh……….. I like Sarepia Forest, too. I like looking at them fabulous snowflakes there. I like Jamaa Township, too. (Duh). Wonderous!

  2. The township is wonderfully decorated. I love it

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