Sorry Guys

Hi, guys! Beautiful news, tomorrow is my last exam!

Anyway, here is a new Daily Explorer post:

RIM – Rare Sleigh Full of Presents!!!


Today’s RARE ITEM will fill your den with tons of Jamaaliday cheer!!!

:-P :-P :-P :-P :-P

The SLEIGH FULL OF PRESENTS has arrived! It’s packed with tons of Jamaaliday magic that makes this season extra special! Make sure to grab yours in the DIAMOND SHOP today before it’s too late!!!

:game: :game: :game: :game: :game:

Have you checked out theGINGERBREAD HOUSE den??? You can swim in a CHOCOLATE POOL!!! What could beat that!??? It’s available now in the DIAMOND SHOP as well!

:grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin:

What’s your favorite part about the Jamaalidays???

Animal Jam HQ

Members, I guess? If it’s NM, can someone please buy me one? I’ll repay you and trade it to you afterwards.
Rare Monday Item:
Here goes:
Ah! It’s members. Okay. No problem.
Oh, Cloudclaws got it correct this time. Out of 15. Good.
By the way…
Look what I found on one of my previous post…
Thanks for everything, blog viewers
Thanks for everything, commenters
You really outdone yourselves a lot
Daily, you try to forget the blog not
Thanks for all the kind comments
Good opinion on my rants
You all are truly appreciated here
Come along, fun is near!
Thanks for all the gifts of words
Which motivates this blog forwards
I am really grateful for your support
Your friendship, into categories, cannot be sort
I seriously don’t think I can take it back. Thanks so much, guys! ❤
Also, one of Biamora’s precious comments:


My reply:


It feels like it’s been a while, but… I promised. I’m so sorry I’ve neglected it for a long time. Here’s a new chapter:
Part 2
    The river.
    I gasped.
    The source of life. If the Phantoms knew…
    I looked ahead. These… each droplet… is Mira’s precious tears. What can they do? Dry out to become a new land?
    Water crashed. I took a sip, refreshingly cold. I felt alive again. Cold, tempting me to finish it off.
    I felt a dark power in me, urging me to disappear. A pop on my tongue. Another vision:
    When they invade Jamaa, their electric bolts crashed on everything. Destructive, I spotted one sinking into the river. At once, the once teal water turned blue. All was different before the Phantom War.
   Did I just drink some blessings or did I just drink a curse?
Today’s fact…
Fact #12: I got an Animal Jam account for an early Christmas gift on 2010.
Jam on! Sorry again! I hope I won’t forget the next chapter tomorrow!
P.S. In The Blood of Olympus, Jason Grace got glasses, explaining those golden thingies on the cover page on his page. The frame is out of Imperial Gold. Imperial Gold. IMPERIAL GOLD. Holy Zios…

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  1. (I’m too tired and bleh to type up all my reactions to this post, so I’m just gonna summarize it in 1 word.:)


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