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Hi guys! WordPress is dim enough to UPDATE WITHOUT GIVING A SET OF INSTRUCTIONS OF HOW TO LOG OUT! Do you have any idea how I logged out? BY TRYING TO CONVERT INTO THE OLD-THEMED WORDPRESS then LOG OUT! Dear, dear WordPress…

Anyway, today’s gift is:
Snowflake Decoration
I got it but didn’t snap a picture of it. Sorry.
Part 3
    Oh Zios.
    It was Mira. She thought he’s dead. I saw her body’s spirit, dipping her foot into the teal-grey water. Maybe it is not cursed, maybe it is not blessed. The visions are nothing but lies. All thanks to the darkness that messes the light.
    Oh, but it is not useless, cackled a voice. Phantom magic can do admirable things.
    The thought flashed through him. All these visions, my powers. Admirable?
    Again, the voice whispered, Ask. She should know, unless you’re afraid of who you are inside.
    Scowling, I approached Mira and asked about the river. What she said…
…was almost the same thing those dark whispering had told me.
Tears, forming into two. Mira had two births- a river and phantoms. The purified water mixed with phantom darkness. Equality. Justice.
Jam on!
P.S. My Blogger is also glitching.

7 comments on “About My Blogs…

  1. Glitches are so annoying. :/

    Wait. In your story are the river and phantoms both created by Mira related in such a way? Like are the phantoms a symbol of polluted water?

    Oh. LA class is influencing me with all this symbolism talk. o.e

  2. Swimmerchamp says:

    There are so many philosophical themes in this story! Looking forward for more.

  3. Hoi! I like this story a lot that you’re doing!~ sorry for not commenting in 8ish days :33

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