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Hi, guys! Today’s picture quality will be BAD, since I wasn’t allowed to take screenshots. So, with my device, I have pictures!

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Part 2
    “Guys!!!” Cosmo cried, skipping into the Sacred House. Cosmo didn’t care when both Greely and Sir Gilbert stared at him. They were conversing with Mira, and he interrupted.
    Light poured in from the stained glass on the dome roof. Only when Mira calls, the Shamans can arrive safely in this meeting hall. All other areas are restricted to them.
    He was summoned, but he wasn’t where we was to be. So, when he received the message he was summoned, he just had to touch the spirit stone of his kind and he was whisked up with the rest.
    “Cosmo, you’re late!” cried Liza.
    Peck giggled at the silly excited-flustered-oh-no-it’s-Liza-angry face Cosmo made.
    Mira smiled, her smile warming his body.”Cosmo, I believe you have something to share?” she asked.
    “Yeah!” he cried, showing the map. “There’s a forest there, and phantoms are invading it!”
    Graham forced a wail, “Oh no! Help me! Me, I’m a leaf. Dy-dy-dy-dy-dy-dy-ing.”
    Cosmo crossed his arms. It wasn’t funny making fun of nature. “What about the wildlife? New animals? New inspiration?”
    “Okay!” Liza cried. “Mira, Protector of Jamaa,  do you grant us permission?”
    Mira knighted them with a blue spirit sword. “Yes, go. I do have the trust in you all to be back in the best of conditions and not to bring phantoms to havoc this land once more,” she said.
    “Yes, Mother Mira,” said Sir Gilbert politely. Then, all six left, following the map.
When I was writing the last sentence, it reminds me of Maroon 5’s song.
“So I’m following the map that leads to you.”
Okay. That was horrible. Pretend I never said the reference.
Part 3
    “There!” Liza cried. She had caught sight of a phantom.
    Greely spoke, “I’ll check the site.”
    Before Sir Gilbert could retort, Greely vanished into the shadows. Cosmo looked around, “Cool! Tall trees, lush bushes… Oh! Fungi!”
    “Shhh,” hissed Graham, but he was tinkering himself a weird machine.
    A few cacti. “Weird!” Cosmo thought out loud. “It’s a forest, why are there cacti?”
    Liza tapped the tip of her staff to the chin. “You’re right. That’s weird.”
    Greely appeared. “An animal was taken hostage,” he said. “Phantoms are questioning it, but all it can reply is with some hoots.”
    “Hostage?” asked Peck.
    Greely let a swirl of darkness create a ring beneath is paws. “This is the magic rate forest,” he breathed. “Very high.”
    Sir Gilbert immediately understood. “Some animal must have enhanced the plants to be able to survive the forest’s condition!”
    “Makes sense,” said Graham.
    “In conclusion, someone is tending the forest in adaption for each plant. Changing them, tweaking them… A person with high knowledge of magic,” said the tiger once more.
    Liza thought. “The only ones with high magic skills I know are Mira, Zios and probably Greely.”
    “Thank you,” Greely muttered without emotion.
    “What must we do?” asked Graham, looking rather serious this time.
    Sir Gilbert smiled. “What if we break in?”
(Yup, there will be a Part 4 at long last!)
Part 4
    “It’s time,” said Liza. They’ve attempted to hide while waiting for the night to fall. She picked up her staff and raised it towards the sky. The other Alphas got her signal. Peck emerged from a fallen log. Greely appeared from the shadows. Cosmo rolled from under a gigantic non-poisonous mushroom after a nap, Sir Gilbert hopped down from a tree. Graham emerged from a hole in a tree trunk.
    “Before we go, let us make a sacrifice of thanks to Mira,” said Liza. With that, Graham quickly obtained fire wood while Cosmo obtained stones. With a spark from Sir Gilbert, orange flames burst. Liza circled the pit. “Thank you, O Mother Mira, for letting another day pass,” she said.
    “Thank you, Sky Mother, for allowing us to go on this mission,” said Cosmo, following Liza around the circle.
    Peck danced gleefully. “Let us safe this forest!” she cried, but was quickly hushed down by the other five Alphas. Suddenly, as Graham joined in to say thanks, the fire sparked up with more energy. As Cosmo closed in and sent a message of love and thanks to Mira and his plants, the fire turned blue, blue fire. Mira appeared, dancing, her beautiful blue wings out of fire blessing them, enhancing them with skills, not burning them.
    “May this blessing help you, may this spell help too, may the forest be saved, let the spirit be revived,” said the spirit of Mira. With that, the Alphas bowed in respect, and the spirit vanished. “Come on, Alphas, let’s do this,” said Liza.
    “You’re on,” said Peck, her balled paws towards the place where the phantoms hid. “You’re on.”
Yes, some “captions”.
Like them?
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  1. This is one of my favorite stories by you!

    Maps X3

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