Almost New Year!

Hi! Wow, it’s 30th December 2014! Time really flies!

Here are today’s updates:

Gallery Featured;


Not really my thing…

My art:


“Watermarked” it. More like MARKED it with a “R000P”.

I’ll submit it to deviantARt sometime soon.



Self-explanatory header.

I keep forgetting to take a shot of this:


Random snow-globe doodles on the right.

Well, I don’t think I’ll post tomorrow. Here’s a little wish:


I wanted to post up the graphics I ripped, but the data accidentally got deleted. Aww…

Q: Did you guys make a New Year’s resolution?


Part 5

    “Shhh,” Liza hissed. Cosmo was worried. He hoped the plants had enough water. Oh, how he wished he asked someone to take care of his plants!
    The five sneaked into the area, Greely scouting ahead with his powers. Cosmo was nervous. The biggest threat he had been against was with the Phantom King, but it was far back at the Phantom War. Liza was in front of him, and Peck was bouncing silently behind him. “Cosmo, I think this is going to be fun,” she giggled, almost as a whisper.
    Cosmo felt his voice quiver. “Y-you t-th-think?”
    Peck just giggled and bounded past him.
    Sir Gilbert put his paw on Cosmo’s shoulder as the walked. “Hey, Cosmo,” he said, his gruff voice filled with care. “Don’t worry, we’ll all be safe, you’ll be safe, you’ll see your plants again, you and the team with safe this forest.”
    “R-really?” asked Cosmo.
    Sir Gilbert nodded. Cosmo smiled. He always liked Sir Gilbert, for the tiger respects all the groupmates. The mood could have lasted if it wasn’t for Liza’s soft shriek.
    A chuckle.
    Sir Gilbert looked upset as he stared ahead. All but who cause this trouble.
    Graham didn’t seem to appreciate what happen.
    Peck didn’t even seem happy.
    “Greely!” Liza hissed. “Don’t scare me like that!”
    Greely just chuckled again in his dark manner. “We’re close to the hostage room, Cosmo, turn the candle off.”
    “O-okay,” Cosmo stammered. He wondered if things could be alright when Greely is in charge.
    He blew the lights off. It was pitch dark. “Follow me,” said Greely, purposely making soft noises as he walked, pinpointing his position to the Alphas. “We’re close.”

Well, have a great day, guys!


4 comments on “Almost New Year!

  1. K so………..

    1. Almost 2015!!!!!!
    2. Both artworks are cute. But when I first read yours I thought, “Why did Rainy write “POOOP” on it? It’s good- not poo! (X3) Oh, now I see the “R”- that makes a ton more sense! X3
    3. That is one neat pile of snowballs.
    4. Aww… Your unicorn snow globe looks cute! ^w^
    5. Ugh! Again!? Last year I couldn’t go on AJ the day the snow globe became a gift. And again for this year! Wow…
    6. Nice banner/graphics thing!
    7. Hmm…. I haven’t really come up with an actual resolution yet, but I’ll think if something.
    8. Hopefully Greely will be a good leader and not send everyone to their doom! >:D (umm…..)

    ~ Cutepups :3

    • Well, death can sound awesome sometimes. Ahaha.

      Like this blog of mine:

      Yay exile.

    • P.S. I missed your long comments.

      1. Yes. Time really does flies.
      2. Thank you. Yes, I had trouble with the R.
      3. Neat, yes. New, no.
      4. It’s actually just a horse. From the top to bottom, it’s Mira, a bunny and a horse.
      5. I got only a few snowglobes last year, barely enough to share with my family on AJ and on real life.
      6. Thank you!
      7. I have a not-so-agreed on resolution.
      8. Oh, don’t worry. After all, when did Greely try to sacrifice animals to Zios and/or Mira, anyway?

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