Cosmo outdone himself today.

Before we get to that, let’s see the updates!

Gallery Featured:


At first, I didn’t see the fireworks, and I thought up of these words from a song that suits the picture:

And when it’s cold at night, you sleep by my side.

-You Took My Heart Away by MLTR

Darn, I like that song, but let’s see the new item!

Err… A bunch of stuff!


See? Cosmo outdid himself! Trees, topiaries,  lights… Sold in Sarepia! Like my story. It’s setting is in Sarepia!

Mini wallpaper-thing you can use.




The Myth of Poseidon and Venus

Part 1

    “Well, Tavie,” said Harper, “I guess it wouldn’t harm if we grow some corals here.”
    “I guess so,” replied Tavie.
    Harper patched up a coral bed. “I want to protect the seas, but not make a fuss,” she said.
    Tavie nodded. The sea Alphas were humble, and they would like to be unknown and be in peace.
    “The creatures know that we exist, but some do not. These clan of animals are called ‘Jammers’,” said Harper.
    Tavie swished her mechanical tall Graham, the monkey Alpha, made for her. “We can disguise ourselves as another being,” said the dolphin.
    Harper beamed. “Excellent idea!” she cried.
    Tavie thought for a moment. “I always liked Roman myths,” started Tavie.
    “They’re beautiful,” agreed Harper.
    Tavie gasped. “Beauty! That’s it! I’ll take the goddess of beauty, Venus, to pretend to be the dolphin Alpha!”
    Harper thought for a moment. “I like Greek myths,” said Harper. “I think I’ll reverse the gender of myself for my replacement so less will suspect. I will choose Poseidon, the god of the seas himself.”
    “Awesome, Poseidon!” teased Tavie.
    “Venus is the equivalent to Aphrodite in Greek myths, and Aphrodite was born of sea foam,” informed Harper.
    “Some sea-parts in the girl!” Tavie cried.
    “Goddess,” corrected Harper. “She’s formed of sea foam, after the sky-father was murdered.”
    “Ouch. Wrong goddess,” Tavie muttered.
    “Too late!” cried Harper, remembering the Greek myth. The Greek sky-father, Ouranus, was annihilated, and his lifeless body was sliced into pieces, and those pieces fell into the sea, forming Aphrodite. “After all, you’re picking Venus, not Aphrodite!”
    Tavie smiled, reassured. “Meet me in my cave tomorrow, Tav,” said Harper.
    “Sure,” said Tavie. The two of them fixed coral beds again in silence before leaving.

AJHQ told me Venus and Poseidon aren’t real Alphas or anything, they just think they look cool and all. So, here’s another theory! Theories are fun.

I keep writing stories! I keep forgetting Species Sunday (name suggested by Cutepups522),  or my facts. Maybe I should put a more interesting corner? Who wants “Song Saturday”?  Maybe I’ll bring in lyrics of weird/inspirational songs that are underrated? Oh, here’s some funnies!


Above, is what happen when you try to get a cake.

Some random graphics you’re allowed to use!


Yeah, when I have nothing to do, I’ll grab the alphabet.

If you guys can, please visit this site.  I’d appreciate it. A LOT.

Jam on, guys!


3 comments on “Topiaries!

  1. How come I’ve never heard of this wolf blog before!? I must comment! (But first sign in and all that…)

  2. Oh. I also like how you connected the Roman goddess and Greek god that AJHQ used for the dolphin and seal (Venus and Poseidon) into how AJ came up with using those names. Good job! 🙂

    Great graphics, and that Song Saturday idea seems pretty cool. 😀

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