Seriously? OWLS?

Hi! I know I missed a lot of things, so let’s flip open the Jamaa Journal, which I know most of you did…


I didn’t vote. Why?

  1. They’ll all probably win.
  2. I don’t really like them.
  3. Their items aren’t as attractive.,

So, calendar:


Now, to our gallery!

Gallery Featured, though I don’t like it…


I guess the AJHQ are abstract-ish lovers?


Even though most of you would have probably did it yourself.



Owls… made me fuss. Look at the pet owl and the animal. Dear AJHQ, are you out of ideas? Why can’t you just listen tp my ideas.

Anyway, pandas. I tried to make mine took like Liza. New crocodile claw.

I mean Crocodile Claw.


I don’t know what today’s new items are, so…


Marshmallow is leaving. I need to stock for winter recess.

Here’s some graphics, though they are not 100% clean. They are 99.9% clean.

Wait. Never mind. Round 99.9 off into 100…



Original pictures from Animal Jam’s Jamaaliday Rescue. Please credit me if used.



Part 1

    I can’t move my arms, I looked down, my eyes just adjusting to the darkness. W-what? Ropes? Why are there ropes restraining me?
    “Hello?” I asked.
    “L-Liza?” said the unmistakable voice of Sir Gilbert. “Are you okay?”
    “Yes, where are you?” I asked.
    “I’m above you, suspended mid-air in a cage, tied as well,” was the reply.
    I looked up. “You’re okay?” I asked, eyeing the cage, a silhouette of Sir Gilbert inside.
    I looked around as the tiger grunted a yes. There was Cosmo, sleeping but tied up, a tied up Peck, with an additional gag. There was Graham, tied up, with all his accessories stripped off. H-hey… where’s Greely? Locked up in another more secure place so he can’t escape?
    “I see you have come to your consciousness,” said a deep growl. A door swung open, and even though a shadow clashed the blinding light, the evil chuckle of the evil one was unmistakable. I growled one word:

I know it’s short, but I hope it’s suspenseful.

Hey, if you’re allowed to read a little bit of violence, I have a new kind of old blog. Click HERE. Sign ups are open! Anonymous people can comment. It would mean so much to comment and spread the word!

Alright! Jam on!


One comment on “Seriously? OWLS?

  1. Love the suspense!
    (Hehe- suspense. c:<)

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