Really, Rare, Huh?

Hi! I know I’ve been on a weird schedule being able to post then not and so, and here’s an update!

Gallery featured:


This one is cute.

Like: Hi, I’m a wolf stuck in the blizzard. No biggie, I’m adapted.

That was horrible.

I should stop making weird scenarios.

Really, I like this picture.

With our rare…




COME ON, AJHQ! The difference is just a mere bit of colouring!

It doesn’t even look any bit of glam.

AJHQ, we need a lot of discussion.

I like those original rares, like the Cupcake Hat and Nerd Glasses.

Anyway, yesterday’s item:


I thought: Hey, non-members plastic flamingo! Cute!

So, I bought myself one, and…


I don’t mean to complain, but, it seems like this has become favoritism. That flamingo is so darn tiny. IT’S NOT EVEN AS BIG AS MY SEAL!

Gosh, let’s head to the story:

Part 2

    The chuckles became a roar of evil laughter. “Why, Greely? Why?” I asked, shouting the question.
    Greely just chuckled again. “My dear Liza, what would you say if the world despise you? Laugh at you, or pretend to marvel at you only to use you as an advantage?”
    “I’d… Why would anyone do that?”
    Greely stepped forwards. “Why would they use me as an advantage?” asked the wolf, snarling, his tone dark.
    “What do you mean ‘advantage’, Mr. I-really-don’t-like-your-attitude?” asked Sir Gilbert from above.
    Greely was suddenly standing in Sir Gilbert’s cage. “Ah, but my good tiger, don’t you think the people of Jamaa takes us as some sort of candy? Eat us, and throw the wrapper. What they take are our abilities, our responsibility to make it all seem like their ideas. They then dispose us.
    “What about you, my good lady?” Greely continued. “When did I get credit. I always seem to be the bad guy of the story, hmm?”
    I couldn’t believe what I’m listening to. “What do you mean?” I cried.
    “You Alphas, all, you all seem to be the pure, noble ones. Oh yeah, power of love, courage, blah this, blah that,” scoffed Greely, returning back to where he stood before, before me, meters away. “What about me? Darkness,  shadow effects, then I get trapped, and I look helpless. What’s that compared to your suffering?”
    “I thought you were voted as the coolest Alpha last year by the Jammer,” Sir Gilbert said.
    “Do you think that matters? Why do they like me? WHY?” growled Greely.
    “Umm,” I thought for a moment.
    Greely stomped his paw down, the echoes bouncing from wall to wall. “It’s not because of who I am, it’s because of my powers. If it was not for my phantom experiment, I will not be loved, and you think I don’t look lame around you all? With your pure powers, and ugh?”
    “Greely! Being an Alpha is not of popularity!” I cried.
    Greely’s menacing whisper was harsh. “No one loves me for who I am, only because I saved Jamaa, have cool powers. What do they know of me?”
    “You’re a cold-hearted wolf who-“
    Sir Gilbert’s sentence was cut short by the thundering voice of Greely. “NOTHING!”
    Greely made a spark of fire burn on an iron stand, once concealed in darkness. “Mira, accept my offering,” he growled, taking the staff an stepping towards where I was.
    An altar.


Oh well, jam on!


3 comments on “Really, Rare, Huh?

  1. You sound so frustrated in this post! O-o

    But… But… I like your weird scenarios! ;o;

    I really like the suspense in this story. Very suspenseful! ^.^

  2. Okay. ^-^

    I’m just frustrated in the morning (like come on now- eww school). I’m just tired at night. xD

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