I Don’t Really Post Anymore…

Yes, I got busy, by computer broke down… So, I get less chances to get on other computers. Anyway, let’s check the updates!

The Jamaa Journal…! BEHOLD!


AJHQ! WHAT? That’s rude! You’re breaking into Greely’s privacy!

No, I didn’t take a shot of the armour. I forgot.


I watched the owl movie, and, WHAT?


Circled in red. ROMANCE IN BATTLE! AJHQ! Please, this is a kid’s game!

Oh, that tiara looks stony, but good. Straw hats are leaving…

Along with some new and leaving items:


Sewer cover? What?

Here’s a calendar from AJHQ:


Yup, neat.

Remember the story about Greely being evil and all? This is how it happened:


Little things easily spark my inspiration, such as looking at a chandelier or an expensive Chinese restaurant.

Anyway, our story!

Sky Father

    I closed my eyes. I wondered. I imagined. All the spirit stones in Jamaa’s safety. In the wings of Sky Mother Mira. She wasn’t the Sky Guardian, actually. Yet, she earned a rank so high.
    Where, though. Where did the spirit stones come from? How did they appear randomly anywhere? What if… they’re a gift from the Sky Father?
    From the one we thought of dead.
    I tried to connect the dots. One by one.

Part 1

    Zios. He oh-so-brilliantly hid from Jamaa, but we don’t know why. Maybe he was to scared to meet Mira. We all are cowards at heart. No one sensed his presence anymore. Mira grieved and still thought of him. Does Zios still think of Mira? That, I do not know.
    Zios, the masked wonder, now travelled as a glow of golden light. Where he go everyday, I do not know either. He stopped and so did the ball of light. There was a herd of creatures below him. This might be how he spend his day. Or not. I do not know. This is just a mere theory.
    These animals, they were not safe. Danger of threatening their lives were all around them. Zios, he couldn’t stand their everyday lives, struggling so hard to survive. He wanted them all to be saved, never to worry about survival.
    So, he had the action started.

Yeah. My theories about Zios.

Jam on, all!

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2 comments on “I Don’t Really Post Anymore…

  1. Aww… Does that mean my crazy comment inspired you, Rainy? :3

    Music inspires me. c:

    Ooh, a story! ^.^

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