Welcome, Owls. He H-Owl For your Arrival.

Hi! Random pun on the title. Anyway, lots of owl-y updates.

Our Jamaa Journal is here, showcasing… OWLS.


Yes, yes… Pizza Parlour won. I like food, but then, the pizza items doesn’t look so good…

Eh, check out this gallery featured bunny:


So not impressed. It’s blurry. Pixelated.

Anyway, here’s a calendar:


Poor owl, face’s covered.

Speaking of owls…

CCS2 ComeGo

I caught the usual glitch, and those owls on the right belong to my friends.

I take no credits for the owls.

New items:


I don’t like the look of the pizza items, see?

Diamond Shop Items:


I missed the Valentine’s Armour last update, so…

So, here’s a little invite:


Yup! My den is all open!

Leaving soon items:


Heart Ring is new, though.

Here’s the story:

Part 3

    Lands. After Zios delivered the herd of animals to Jamaa, he’d disappear into smoke, forming as a looming cloud above Jamaa, to see how the ones of Jamaa will treat the new comers. Often, with much concern and care. Zios leaves, and sometimes return to the land those animals were from. Kimbara Outback, those seas…
    He’d send dreams, visions, ideas to Alphas, to explore, investigate, check those new found lands. With the happy endings we shall bring the lands united. With all the animals at peace.

“What are you doing here?”

    I snapped up. Mira stood there, eyes fixed on me. Her eyes were hazy, and her wings were folded.
    “S-sorry,” I stammered. “Do we have a meeting today?”
    “Yes, just you, me, and Graham,” said Mira, nodding to Graham beside her.
    “Yes, Mother Mira,” I said, and we discussed of a new land.
    The one Graham spotted through his telescope.

Well, I suppose I can show you a little something…


“What’s this?”



You see, I have a thing to turn others off their own jokes. Take that! I am so not humorous.

What happened:

That guy said: “I will eat your sol!”

What I said: “You mean the sun?”

That guy: “What?”

Countess Magicspirit: “Sol means sun.”

Hyena: “You’re going to eat my sun?”

That guy: “NO”

“I meant”



“It’s a joke, you know?”

He’s darn frustrated. Haha. I’m evil.

I made everyone turn against the soul eater!


I probably shouldn’t give you guys nightmares. Okay, bye!

P.S. I’d LOVE to post more, but someone else needs to use the computer. Like… NOW.

Or something.

P.P.S. I went to the Friendship Party. Shop:


Okay. Bye.


4 comments on “Welcome, Owls. He H-Owl For your Arrival.

  1. 😀

    Oh and my AJ artwork wasn’t even in the Jammer Central thing. 😦

    Nice post! :3

  2. gamer says:

    All them sols ;D
    I actually like the some of the pizza items.. But of course they’re member.
    Ah, well.. Back to studying

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