Pizza, Hearts and Songs

Hi, Jammers! Today, I make an unexpected return to this blog for another post!

Friendly, AJHQ, welcoming me with a glitch.


A little message to us all from the gallery featured:


Liza said it to in the intro. “Every Jammer is special”.

New and soon leaving items.

Earth Day

It just came, and it’s going again, that Heart Bracelet.

Here’s a new story:

The Treasure

Part 1

    “Strike!” cried Graham.
    Cosmo fumed. Graham never take things seriously. “Graham, I want you to help me dig holes for my plants, and you’re playing baseball?” he asked.
    “No, I hit something,” cried Graham.
    “The soil,” fumed Cosmo. Sure, he can be a prankster, but not now!
    Graham hit the button Cheetah Mode on his mechanical shovel, and the shovel’s blade began to dig very quickly. The blade moved up, down, up, down repeating again and again, and very quickly that Cosmo thought he was seeing doubles- no, quadruples.
    Graham jogged around the small hole he dug. “N-no! You’re ruining the soil!” Cosmo cried.
    Too late, Graham was done. Graham’s eyes twinkled, and Cosmo actually looked interested.
    There, laid a chest, a pink chest, the palest pink Cosmo had ever seen. There were a few swirls, in bright, brilliant blue. There was a golden padlock, and it shimmered and glittered. Graham’s key that hung from his tail seem to glitter. “I think I should fit this key in,” he muttered.
    Graham gingerly fitted in into the keyhole and turned the key.


Is a phantom lurking in the chest?

A little more get-to-know me part of the post:

OKAY, what on Jamaa is this “Blank Space”?


Here are some of my ideal songs that I want you guys to hear:

I Have a Dream- Westlife

I personally love the song. I know, it’s old, from the year 2000, but it’s better than modern songs… most, I say.


Renovate My Life- Michael Learns to Rock

Why is that the band name? No idea.

I have more to share, but two is enough for now, I guess? I will have MORE “modern” songs soon.



2 comments on “Pizza, Hearts and Songs

  1. Hehe ^-^

    “Blank Space” is a very popular song on the radio (well, where I live- haha) by Taylor Swift. I like her older songs much, MUCH better though.

    I listen to songs a few years old now, rather than all the top hits craze songs nowadays. (Except for some like Fall Out Boy and Imagine Dragons :3)

    Is the first song the song you said relates to my story? Oh, oh, oh! I love this version of it too! Yes! 🙂


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