A New Item Without a Sign

Hi! Another unexpected post! I don’t think I’ll post tomorrow, though. I need to pack up for Music Camp, but now, first of all…


Yesterday, I was checking my status report and I was so shocked! I got a view views from Germany, South Africa, United Kingdom and much, much more. Thank you!

Oh, and if any of you were sending Jam-a-Grams of a buddy request, please Jam-a-Gram me again, with a message saying anything from the “Let’s be buddies!” words.

Graphics from the AJH side blog.


We have a bird from the gallery featured…

Valentine themed.

Today’s new item has a glitch to it!

You know, all new items (including returning items) has that “NEW!” sign to it, guess what?

This one does not!


Cupid Wings! The balloon-ish like wings. Also, the Rose Tiara is leaving. Pity I like it.

Also, some animated items!

The Heart Tree is a new item. Just stare at it, and you’ll see hearts burst!


Pizza Dart Board: I thought kids aren’t supposed to play darts? Click on the item and magical flying darts make way to the bullseye eventually.

In the Pizza Prep Station, click on the item and the pizza will automatically be made by itself!

Brick Pizza Oven- pizza will be removed, tossed and placed back in. Mira’s magic ensures that it will not get burned, huh?

Huge Pizza Table- Feel free to hog all the free samples!

Pizza Display- Pizza flies out and re-arranges themselves.

Underwater, we also have a new item:


The returning Pink Treasure, I believe? I identified a few items, including a pink-heartlike gem, gold coins and pink stones.

Valentine is upcoming this Saturday! I wish you all an early Valentines!


Don’t forget to check out the Valentines Den at my place while it holds it’s limited-time look for Valentines! It’s unlocked!


The den itself has been edited slightly.

Part 2

    Cosmo held his breath as the padlock fell onto the dusty soil, and Graham slowly opened the chest. The two gasped. “Holy moley,” muttered Cosmo. “Am I dreaming, Graham?”
    “No, you’re not,” said Graham. He picked up one of the contents, that shone like a small star. It was pale blue, and they were rough, most of them shaped like a 3-Dimensional hexagon.
    “A diamond,” whispered Cosmo in awe. “From my garden.”
    “What seed did you plant?” asked Graham.
    “Magic?” asked Cosmo, still in awe.
    Cosmo peered into the chest. “More diamonds,” he muttered, and picked up a few.
    “I can use these to cut really hard elements! Thanks for the gift!” Graham said.
    “W-wait. I never said it’s mine,” Cosmo stuttered.
    Graham laughed. “Really?”
    “No, really. I’m dead serious,” said the koala.
    Cosmo dug through the diamonds and he though the diamonds were sawing their waay through him. Diamonds are sharp, winced Cosmo.
    Graham counted the diamonds and Cosmo found a rolled parchment on the underside of the lid. He removed it and then unrolled it.
    “Hey, Graham, I found a parchment,” said Cosmo.
    Graham stopped counting diamonds, looking interested. “Read it,” he prompted.
    “Diamonds- these diamonds are from the rare plant Diamondsai Trees. Note: these diamonds are worth twice normal diamonds,” read Cosmo.
    “Awesome! We can be rich!” cried Graham.
    Cosmo frowned. “Who are these diamonds for, anyway?”
    At the end of the paper, there was a stamp in grey, with a huge cursive letter N. “N…?” asked Graham.
    “Oh,” said Cosmo. He turned the paper by ninety degrees. It became a Z.
    “Oh,” echoed Graham.
    “Let’s just tell Liza,” Cosmo sighed.
    Graham inquired, “No diamonds for me?”
    “We’ll see,” said Cosmo, eyeing his garden. Graham owe him double time-work on the garden.

I hope it’s not so neon that it’s readable!

Here are a few songs I’d like to share:

Theme: Love Songs!

Bop Bop Baby- Westlife (2002)

A catchy tune, but I advise kids who are not used to/not allowed to see violence to watch the official video.

On-screen lyrics:

The official movie video isn’t so important, so… listening to the song ONLY is OK.

Lonely Satellite- Michael Learns to Rock (Eternity Album)

Michael Learns to Rock songs are so beautiful. Here’s one:

“Leave me with a broken heart. Another lonely satellite. I close my eyes and all I see is you, it’s you.”

When Tomorrow Comes- Michael Learns to Rock (Eternity Album)

Oh my Mira I love this song so much!

“‘Cause when tomorrow comes, you’ll be gone

    Slow down, sunrise

I’m holding on to you, all night through

    Until tomorrow comes.”

I remember the entire song. Enjoy:

(Lyrics are on the description. Kids, don’t go look at the comments or other songs. They might be dirty. I’m picking songs that doesn’t swear.)

Paint My Love- Michael Learns to Rock

Oh my Mira! This song is so good! It’s since it nineties.


(I strongly ask kids to open this one instead):

Official video:

Okay, that’s all!

Bye! Have a great weekend of Valentines!


7 comments on “A New Item Without a Sign

  1. Haha, same. X3 I have blog views from people in the USA, Canada, Belgium, Indonesia, Australia, Ukraine, Pakistan, Germany, and a few others. (I think I know who the first 5 or 6 are- *evil laugh*.

    Ooh, the balloon-looking-glitched-for-foxes-last-year Cupid Wings returned! :3 always something peculiar about them wings….

    Where I live, playing darts on a dartboard is a pretty popular kids game. X3

    What did you mean by neon? It’s readable. (For me, at least. xD)

    Ooh violence! yayyy

  2. Haha, yes. Of course!


    idk xD

  3. Swimmerchamp says:

    Congratulations on the views, Rainbow!
    Thanks for giving AJH credit for the graphics. I really have to get on updating that site more.
    Happy Valentines Day!

  4. gamer says:

    Have a wonderful Valentine’s day!
    I see the whole crew is doing songs now :p (yea, back and weird as ever.)
    I’ll listen to them.. Eventually (wow I am SO lazy)
    Did any of you watch movies recently? The ones I watched had horrible plots, lame characters..
    Ugh those stupid ads make you want to watch them, though.

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