Here, We Have Ponies, Equivalent to Lack of Ideas

Hi! I didn’t post yesterday, but I am able to do today!

The new Jamaa Journal that came out yesterday:


Yup, we all hate journals without new information.

Here is the Jamaa Gallery Featured:


We love pixelated pictures.

New and leaving items:

Easter Eggs Find

New isn’t the term. It should be “returning” items.

Seriously? Primrose Bouquets, I just knew you both existed two days ago!

(From this point, I am on my super-duper spare account for extra items):

Now, we have…

Easter Eggs Find


Good job, AJHQ. I knew you were out of ideas.

In the picture are some styles, you can make them possess a horn, wings or both. On the bottom of the picture, it’s just to show the manes that has messy pixels around them.




We have duplicates!

When I tried to send a Jam-a-Gram from my sub, this was what happened:

Easter Eggs Find

You need a buddy to send a JAM-A-GRAM?


Here are the “new” Jam-a-Gram layouts:

Easter Eggs Find18 Easter Eggs Find



Pay 5 grams to pay. It’s called “dieting”.


The Diamond Shop

Part 1

    “Wonders!” Liza cried as her staff glowed blue.
    “Who?” asked Peck.
    Mira smiled, “The horse spirit.”
    “I’m not sure what you will sell there, but Wonders will help you with the architectural structure of the shop,” said Mira.
    “Architecture, uh-huh,” said Sir Gilbert. “Wonders can discuss that with Cosmo, Graham, Greely, Liza and Peck, but I have a territory to patrol.”
    Mira allowed Sir Gilbert to patrol his territory, and Cosmo piped up, “My garden needs tending, since Graham destroyed my garden.”
   “Alright, then, Cosmo? I expect you to make me-“
    Cosmo cut Graham’s sentence short, “Graham is coming with me.”
    Mira just nodded, and Cosmo and Graham disappeared.
    “Why were we even here?” groaned Peck.
    Liza smiled. “You’ll get to decorate a whole hut, Peck!” she cried.
    “Amazing!” squealed Peck.
    Greely just sighed. Wonders let everyone hold a light blue glow of light, which enables them to see him. “Come, I have blueprints. Wolf, do not make me regret this,” Wonders said.
    Greely just scoffed something Liza couldn’t hear and tagged along with the group.

I hope you all can read that!



4 comments on “Here, We Have Ponies, Equivalent to Lack of Ideas

  1. Swimmerchamp says:

    Oh, AJHQ, with the pets. I agree, quality sometimes drops, but I think AJHQ does go back and fix things (old games are now better-looking).

    • Oh yeah, Megaman.

      Yeah, sometimes they just rush things. I don’t care if the update is twice a month if they have good stuff.

      • Swimmerchamp says:

        Agreed. But I feel like the huge dens they’ve been pushing out are not only rushed but way too large (I think I did a post on this). We need maps for things that big! But yeah, it might be better to have these huge updates with lots of stuff every two weeks. Then again, people can’t wait…

      • I know, right? Too big, and then people stuff it with items just because it’s so big. Have you seen how many items are cramped into one section of the huge dens compared to MOST small dens?

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