Just Missed Tons of Updates

SORRY! I didn’t post much over the past days since I was practicing and practicing music all week long!

Anyway, AJHQ published a new journal:


Most of them are just repeating news, and, here’s what the word “journal” means according to Google:


Well, people. This teaches you not to learn from Google. A journal and a diary are two different things.

Also,,, oh! Did you realise that the homepage changed back?


Is winter over? Almost, right? Or already?

For Jam-a-Gram lovers, here are the clover icons!


The second one seems new…

New items.

I mean. Returning items.

1 5


Soon cleared items:

1 51


Part 2

    “This is the place where I want to put this building,” said Wonders, placing a blue X on the map.
    “Jamaa Township! Beside the club,” said Liza.
    Wonders unrolled a blueprints. “I had measured the land and here is my concept.”
    Peck eyed the design. “It’s good, but that building would be too tall for Jamaa Township’s likes,” she said. She grabbed a pencil and crossed out the second floor that looks like a circular small room with a dome.
    “The door would be better if there’s just one, having two for one in and one out would be complicated,” Liza noted and crossed out one of the doors.
    Wonders frowned, but Greely said, “Look at this! Disgraceful!”
    “What?” asked Wonders, annoyed.
    “Taking all the glory for yourself!” Greely spat, and crossed all the swirly spirit horses designs on the exterior walls.
    Everyone in the room shot Wonders a look. Even Liza. “So, maybe we can add a few diamond decorations here,” Liza said after a silence.
    “Here is the interior design,” said Wonders, taking out another scroll.
     Peck scribbled the stairs out that was once placed on the center. She them drew a marble statue. “That looks very nice, Peck,” commented Liza.
    “Thank you!” Peck cried.
    Liza tapped the bare floor design. “Maybe mosaic designs would do,” she said.
    As she scribbled, Peck drew pillars to make it look elegant. “Needs nothing more!” the bunny cried. “Let’s build it!”

Okay, I hope I haven’t posted that part.

Bye! Jam on!


2 comments on “Just Missed Tons of Updates

  1. Swimmerchamp says:

    Hope you did well on your music things!
    Hmmm… for me, a journal can mean a diary. :/
    And– winter’s not over for me yet! I really liked the winter one. I hope they make a spring homepage too!

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