Under the Seas, We Have Items~

Hello again!

I have no homework again, so here’s a brief update:

AJHQ chose a weird entry for the featured:


I doubt AJHQ hates abstract.

Our “new” item is another returning item:


Also, leaving:




Part 1

    I, Greely, peered out through the slimy wall of semi-transparent phantom goop. The phantom’s hive is as expected, but their security measures? Overkill.
    I looked down, a phantom passed by my floating cage. I realised that not only Alphas were bestowed with magic by Mira, but phantoms too, for they were of her magical tears, but their power is bitter… like mine.
    What if the others are right? I am nothing more than sinister. I wanted to relax, pace around, but I was imprisoned in a place way too small to me. I have compressed myself as small as I could to find a bit of space left around me. Beyond the cage, phantoms were busy making plans, hiding secrets, setting up traps. I was their bait. I was the trap. If the phantoms set things right, they’ll win. Liza, Peck, Cosmo, Graham and that good-for-nothing Sir Greely will be captured. The end for Jamaa if Mira and Zios is unable to help.
    I know, in my heart, it is phantom dark, full of creeping shadows, but if I can help it, then light shall breakthrough those tentacles of darkness and show them all.
    I am not evil.

Just my thoughts on Greely…

Alright! Jam on!



One comment on “Under the Seas, We Have Items~

  1. I think that art on AJ looks pretty cool, actually. ^~^

    Hmm… Interesting story part! c:

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