The Armour of April’s Fools

1st April, guys.


No, don’t worry, I won’t prank you. I don’t feel like pranking anyone. Serious.

So, AJHQ made a one-day item…


We all know AJHQ failed to be mysterious as this item appears every year.


Our good old Zany Item.

When the Zany Item first appeared, AJHQ allowed the items to be previewed.

I think this was yesterday’s item.


Anyway, feel free to check out my den:


Less plain, more items, but still plain.

A meme of grumpy cat:


If you’re wondering why he’s grumpy, it’s because of some genetic disorder that keeps his face locked in a frown… Something like that.

Also, today is a new month!


The the “new” birthstone is here:


Some people also think the gemstone for April is a “crystal”.




The Crystal Gems from Steven Universe?

Nah. They’re more like “pure gems”, you know, the simile? “As clear as crystal” or the saying “crystal clear”.


Like my OC, Crystal Spark?


Crystal. A gem.

Since today is April’s Fool, here’s a beautiful song from Westlife:

Fool Again”

It’s a beautiful song, i say.

Today, there seem to be a lot of off-topic pictures, but do you guys prefer this over-just-Animal-Jam-related-items?

Anyway, here’s a story:

Mira’s Ship

Part 1

    Liza looked at Mira’s figurehead. It was carved of wood and elaborately angled to form a beautiful look of grace.
    “Peck recently gave it as a gift,” Mira said, suddenly flying into the room.”
    Liza nodded and the looked at the beautiful turquoise colour, Mira’s dipped head.
    “I don’t have use for it,” Mira said bluntly.
    Liza gazed at her. “I, as Sky Mother, I do not have much time other than to protect,” reminded Mira, sighing. “Even with my powers, phantoms sometimes pass the border. It is dutiful, yet it seems useless. No one notice.”
    “I notice,” Liza whispered, and Mira smiled.
    “I have a job for you, Alpha,” said Mira. “Find use for this figurehead.”

If you own a deviantArt, please check out my commissions:


A few examples of my art are on the journal you will be directed to when you click the image, as all the other images that are NOT mine will direct to other sites where I took them, including my Crystal Spark.

Have a great day!


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