Flying to Space

Hello! I’m really sorry i didn’t post on Wednesday. i was a little too busy.

I think I went to the Fool’s party last week. I made a rather sloppy map of it:


30 minutes, I think…?

Today’s gallery featured includes NASA.


That also brings us to our NEW items!


Also to the not-new items…



This might be a glitch where you click on something and someone trades you at the same moment.

May lag.

Story time!

Part 2

    Peck hopped over. “Why is Mira’s figurehead with you?” she asked.
    Liza looked up from her scroll and looked at Peck. “Mira wants me to find use of the figurehead, and I wonder… I want to make a clock tower with chiming bells, and Mira’s figurehead as the centrepiece, like Zios’s ‘grave’ in the Temple of Zios.”
She winced as she said ‘grave’.
    Sir Gilbert sauntered into the room. “Liza,” he said, “I fear that the tide is worse this coming month.”
    Liza was silent. “Will it be strong?” inquired Peck.
    Sir Gilbert nodded. “No one can pass it until the tide goes down, which would be months due to Jamaa’s magic…”
    Peck muttered, “Dear Mira, no…”
    “Many helpless animals would be stranded, unable to cross to the Township, and who knows,” shivered Liza, “the chances of getting captured by phantoms…”
    Liza shook her head, but her eye caught the figurehead. She remembered Sir Gilbert telling tales from his father where grand ships had a figurehead, and even found one broken in Kani Cove. Then, she got a an idea. For safety. “I have an idea, but only if you help,” Liza said, grinning.

Yush, Liza has an idea.

Here are some memes!


Alpacas eats grass, right?


Mira… these jokes…

I really wasted minutes looking for safe memes, each meme has it’s own direct link, but I strongly suggest NOT to click these, harmful jokes are all around the internet.

Alright! Jam on!


2 comments on “Flying to Space

  1. Swimmerchamp says:

    Nice map! I’ve never had the patience to make one myself.

    A flood in Jamaa Township! I wonder what will happen…

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