Hello, Spring!


Yup! Spring is here!


Made on cooltext.com.
Click the picture to be directed there.

I know I missed A LOT on posting. My WiFi keep crashing, dying, turning on, and then crash again. only my mobil phone was allowed on temporary service of the modem.

New items:


Since Spring is coming, Winter is leaving.

So, say good-bye to these items:

1  17

Unless you had them purchased earlier.

1Uh. Elsa. No.

That’s unrealistic.



My tests (exams) are coming out in around June. What about yours?

All pictures that aren't sourced off me is linked back to the original.


Part 3

Graham saw-dusted the last bit of splinters off the rails. “It’s done, Captain,” he said, stepping back. Peck then stepped forwards along with a throng of bunnies and started to paint the boat. The main colour was blue. A week later, Sir Gilbert screwed a counter and a steering wheel into place, and Greely helped bring the figurehead over.
    Liza touched the figurehead, and Cosmo waved his staff. The grass beneath Liza grew, and lifted her up along with the figurehead. When the grass pillar stopped rising, she placed the figurehead into place.
    Then, Sir Gilbert secured it. Then, the Alphas pushed it to the river, and it floated, and Liza could almost see that the boat was protected.
    “Let’s get the animals from the other side,” said Liza.

    Cosmo brought over a small collection of items from Jam-Mart Clothing to sell on-board. Sir Gilbert secretly made a compartment for him below deck so he can steer the ship.
    Liza saw a wolf, waiting for his journey into Jamaa. Liza invited him on board and began to teach him the wonders of Jamaa.
    Of Mira.

That’s all for today! Jam on!


3 comments on “Hello, Spring!

  1. Cool Spring banner thingy! 🙂
    Ugh, wifi can be such a pain sometimes. >.<
    Unrealistic it is! :U
    Yes. I hate that so much. Exam followed by more! Now the exams are coming back again even though I had to take them a month ago. Education logic. My final exams are also in June by I also have a few before that. Ugh!!! 😦
    The story is about how the Blue Heron boat was created, correct? (Ugh I probably sound so stupid asking this.)
    Jam on! Hmmmmm How about instead of Jam on, you jelly on! 😉

    wt o-o I'll leave now I'm tired

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