Hello! Today I entered Jamaa, and I checked the gallery and am impressed.


1st featured. Impressive, huh? I don’t really like how the fox was drawn but good enough.


Above is the top 4th feature, well done on  a computer.

Returning items are back.


I’m not a fan of any of these, so…

I don’t think I’ll be buying.

Here are just new new items:


AJHQ finally made something more nature-y in sense that has style.

Also, flowers!


Lily of the Valley.

The Penguin Claw is leaving, so get yours if you want and has enough diamonds!


Truthfully, I see no claw.


I really want to play ‘The Hive’, though I did play it once. I’m so close to entering!

Phantoms placed by AJHQ guards the place so non-members can’t enter.

THAT is the phantom’s true evil.

Now, for Song Sunday!

When You Believe

This song is from the movie ‘The Prince of Egypt’. I’ve never watched it, but heard this song countless of times.

I Believe I Can Fly

I’ve heard this many times too.

Guess the theme!



Bye now!


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