Dig to the Items



So I managed to log into Animal Jam once again!

The new Jamaa Journal appeared at me.


Well, it seems like Animal Jam has been influenced by… Social media, I suppose?


I didn’t watch the video, but it seems like a pretty cool way to chat between your buddies!

Apparently, AJHQ says ‘Unfortunately, this is members-only, and non-members will not get this option’.

I hope not, since AJHQ said the free-chat Jam-a-Gram was also ‘tested’ by members.

Actually, the adventures, also ‘tested’ by members, became all-jammers friendly, so paws crossed this time.


Peacocks- I actually didn’t vote for any, but I’m glad that elephants didn’t win.

Does this show majority of Jammers are females…?


Not to mention what I’ve been waiting for appeared!


Anyway, more pets- ferrets!


Here’s a real ferret:


Also, hyenas are leaving… Like most animals lately.


Anyway, here are the peacocks:


Sold for 3 Diamonds each in the Diamond Shop.


AJHQ also changed the format when purchasing a pet.


With quick-speed motions.

If I could have one, here’s what it looks like:


I really like the fire pattern compared to the others.

Well, excavation items:

21_1 Bun

To my dismay… they’re mostly members, so I can’t make my excavating wonderland.

Apologies for showing my gem value.

AJHQ also re-updated the bar, adding the chat tool and the currency back, unfortunately, there is no achievement icon.Box


I redesigned my den. Also, if anyone had been in my den when I was online and I kicked you guys out… Well, it’s a nasty habit of me. Before entering my den, PLEASE GIVE A NOTIFICATION!

I had a bad experience with that, so, my apologies.

For today, I’ll entertain you guys with a poem. An acrostic poem!


Tales of the dolphin
Alpha with a lost tail
Very bubbly
In the band called “Jolly Rogers”
Enjoys music

Prologue to my next story this Sunday!

Not exactly a prologue…


    I see animals, astray, hiding, scared. They’ve seen phantoms, the Phantom Kings themselves. They need to find sanctuary. Today.

That’s all for today!

Jam on!


One comment on “Dig to the Items

  1. NICE.

    Cool, new AJ story!

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