Buried Items


Today… Well… Here are some items!

At Jamaa’s Furnishing…


It’s quite pricey, and it’s not so buried…

Anyway, Jamaa Clothing decided to go with… wilder objects…


They looks like scales there… Blue scales.


I’m not fond of Flapper Hats, truthfully.

In the Summer Carnival, a few items returned!


The once-popular Beanies and Raccoon Tail Armour.

Anyway, these are leaving items:


I’m not into them either.

Here’s a small Cocoa Hut backdrop.

Free to use, just credit me and Animal Jam.


Here’s the Story, Part 1 of ‘Flight’.

Part 1
Liza woke up to another new day, the sun shone beautifully, and Liza looked out of the Alpha Manor, from the hut she saw a statue of Mira’s glory outside in the courtyard, and her own sculpture of Zios hung on her wall, glittering in the light’s glow, emerald eyes staring at her, shining as well.
    She spotted Peck placing a flower bouquet at the feet of Mira’s statue, it’s statue was golden, showing her in her full-span wings, her eyes shut, and golden dust glittered around Mira’s statue, her head dipped, one feet lifted, like the statue in Jamaa Township, only much larger, and has a more powerful touch to it.
    Liza looked up, and she thought she saw the Sky Palace, where Mira dwell and secure safety in Jamaa, the castle walls a shade of sky blue and a few tuft of titanium white, as of the sky, it was impossible to distinguish the palace apart from the sky with mortal eyes.
    Three sharp knocks on her door made her look around, her ebony door with a pair of brass knockers in the shape of a ring, lilies and vines carved onto them, the knockers painting gold.
    “Who is it?” Liza asked, walking towards the door.
    “Liza, you know better to wake up this late,” said a voice she recognised.
    Liza smiled as she strode towards the door, sighing before she opened it, saying, “I know…”
    Sir Gilbert grinned. “No matter, today we’re going to the true Temple of Zios.”
    Liza remembered a little too late.
    Sir Gilbert produced an open box of sweet dried peaches, covered over at the top with a plastic wrap. “What do you have?”
    Liza remembered the dried bananas covered with powdered cocoa she made yesterday.
    She fetched the offering and went over to Sir Gilbert, proclaiming she was ready, and when the left, she shut the door behind her, closing with a soft clunk.

I overdid it by making most paragraphs only a sentence long.

An extremely long sentence long.

Well, more into descriptive.

Nothing much yet…

Well, jam on!

P.S. Changed by den into an underwater den temporarily.

Also, if you wish to contact me elsewhere in the Internet other than Animal Jam and/or WordPress, you can find me on Wolf Destinies: Midnight and my deviantArt site, rainbow000pegasus. Thanks!


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  1. (Sorry) for not commenting sooner. Just wanted to let you know I read your blog and story part. c: sighI’mtiredwhydidIevencommentthis

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