A Bouncy July

Hey guys!

So, it’s Sunday, I get to play and post on this blog again.


Anyway, AJHQ released a new Jamaa Journal!


It’s a little plain, so it’s 5 Diamonds only.

Next page, a short return of the Jamaalidays Party.


The south are experiencing winter, like Australia.


So, hot cocoa and all, but Christmas still remains on 25th December.

Anyway, one disappointing thing:


It’s leaving, I barely have twenty.

Well, to those who can purchase things with their Earth Gems so far, great!

Also, the Carnical’s new items…


Mira and Zios! Really sparked my attention.

Hyenas left making jokes…

…Any hyena puns?


Also, your advertisement. Anyone here bought a ferret?

Seriously, I’m sure they flipped the image.



Yes, they did.

Anyway, it’s been a while since I showed the calendar, and here it is:


Along with the art featured:


Unfortunately, I do not understand the picture.

Anyway, Diamond Shop section!

There’s the new Koala Claw…


Geez, the eyes seem to be creepy?

Also, here’s the Bounce House, which is, surprisingly, small:


It’s just… well, excluding the shop, like the Bounce House Party.

The Summer Carnival’s “new” items:


I’m disappointed that the Mira and Zios balloons aren’t there…

21 34

Items: and I believe the underwater pool table is the ‘sunken’ version of the Pool Table.

Also, these are leaving:


The Ruby Gemstone, as July slowly fades away…

To return next year.

Also, Larkspurs in the Treetop Gardens of Sarepia Forest are leaving:


Also, if you have a member friend, you can access their Chat Wall. Here’s a look to it:


Names deleted for privacy reasons.

It’s kind of like a WhatsApp/BlackBerry-Messenger group chat, I guess, and you can customize your bubble:


Patterns and colours. Impressive!

I tried sending one message and it didn’t show up. I’ll check again next week.


Also, the story, Flight, part 2.

Part 2
The garden was beautiful, flowers of all sorts bloomed, even the ones Liza never saw or didn’t recognise, some huge, some small, most of them were purple flowers with stripes of evergreen shades on the petals, but Sir Gilbert was more towards the topiaries, most of them cut to be shaped like Mira or Zios himself.
    Liza walked past one carefully elaborated topiary of Zios, the green bush withering, catching a hint of yellow on gold, tinting the topiary with unpleasant, sudden colour changes.
    Liza and Gilbert walked on pebbles lined to make a pathway leading to the center of the garden- a beautiful circular field, a low bush of roses surrounding it, but, of course, with an opening. Within the rose walls, another circular rose bush wall was planted, the opening the opposite side as of the first. When Liza got to the center, she tried to not gasp- it has become a habit when she visit. Even if she comes here once a month, it’s splendour and glory never seem to cease her.
    A beautiful golden statue of Zios’s mask floated at the center, hovering from the ground ever so slightly, Liza dipped her head as Sir Gilbert did. It has become a habit to the Alphas to come to the garden once a month and honour Zios.
    Then, the two made their way towards a shimmering portals after a five-minutes walk from the Zios statue and the rose bushes. The portal’s colours flickered grey and blue, it’s round borders polished, making grey like silver. Liza and Sir Gilbert placed their offering on the portal, and it’s sides shimmered gold. The portal leads to Mira, where she usually uses the food to help grow the fruitless plants or to feed animals of the uncharted lands, or sometimes even snack on them herself. Mira had never asked for any of this, Liza thinks it would be right to offer something in return of Mira’s hardships.
    Suddenly, from the portal, there was a hiss:

More one sentence paragraphs. Geez, I should stop doing that. Anyway, that’s all for today.

Comment and, well, I’ll read it.

Have a great day and jam on!


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  1. Zipper787 says:

    nice post mister

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