Gladiolus Glory

Hello! I finally got the computer! Anyway, let’s see the new items:

There’s an ‘Old Water Pump’. I really enjoyed pumping this old creaky treasure…

5 34

If you click on it’s handle, you’ll get some water.

A wooden scooter is available on the Jam Mart Furniture to show your love and passion for sports!


Wooden, but you can probably paint tit through changing colours…

Since August arrived, the Peridot gemstone arrived in Epic Wonders to be displayed!


Remember the graphic I made of it last year? Wow, it’s been a year since I made it…

Anyway, the Sarepia’s Treetop Garden, a beautiful vase of flowers arrived!


I, for one who loves plants, have not heard of a Gladiolus…

Here are some pictures of them, all of them links back to their original full-size image from their gallery:

5 34

Colourful, pretty flowers…

Also, in the Summer Carnical, these items has come to light!


I’m not a fan of that Infinity Necklace (Top Left), but the Mira Balloon (Top Right) looks like a flamingo…

Anyway, some items are also leaving, here are the items:


CatrioCatrio 5 34Bun

Anyway, today’s Monday! The rare itme is the following below:


The colours clash with each other quite brightly… The price is not so reasonable…

Their late rares needs more improvements…

Anyway, the next part for my story, ‘Flight’!

Part 3
    The day’s even still had Liza shocked.
    The word ‘fly’ repeated itself in her head. Fly? Mira? Zios? Eagles? Bats?
    Liza’s a panda, and she doesn’t fly.
    Nor does Sir Gilbert.
    Nor does peaches or bananas.
    “Fly,” said Liza, pacing ’round and ’round her room in circles, confused.
    Fly… Fly…?
    It was near to Spring. Butterflies?
    Liza looked out at Mira’s statue, thinking, Another clue would be generous and wise, Sky Mother.
    A dark burst of shadows swirled in the room and Greely appeared. “Liza, I was wondering if you had a message from Mira.”
    Liza was always puzzled with Greely, as Mira does not send messages to him, but Zios’s conscience does, telling him of Zios’s past, Mira and such. Liza, on the other hand, received general information and puzzles from Mira.
    “I had one saying ‘fly’ when Sir Gilbert and I were gifting Mira with fruits,” said Liza.
    “I see,” Greely said, noddding.
    “Did you receive a message?” asked Liza hopefully.
    “I saw a feather, coloured darkly of maroon, falling into the shadows,” Greely said.
    “A feather? Eagles?” asked Liza.
    A gong was sounded. Mira had decided on a meeting.

Oh, by the way, this happened after the eagles came.

The time when this happen was about the end of winter.

All characters belong to Animal Jam.

Well, my siblings need to use the comouter again, so, good-bye! Jam on!


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