Colourful Bees

Hello! So, today, I’m posting once more!

A new Jamaa Journal made it’s arrival on Thursday.


National Honeybee Day? Never heard…

So, according to this site, it’s a program is based on education and promotion of the beekeeping industry.

Alright then.

Anyway, bees are now welcomed to Jamaa as PETS:


Unfortunately, they do not resemble much as real bees…

They remind me of Winnie the Pooh bees…


Anyone with me?

Also, more contests:


I’m not a fan of any, but does anyone realize the pictures are really blurry?


Beta Party returns, the second Beta Party!


I’m sure that the description last year was the same…

Anyway, Snow Leopard news!


Also, AJHQ made a new video featuring the Snow Leopards!

The last page is an advertisement. i forgot to take a shot of it, but it was about ferrets once more.

So, about the ‘Cool Buddies’, here’s a summary:


So, we start off with one cold and freezing snow leopard, whose name is Major Frozenfeet. He looks very sad indeed.


Another snow leopard in bright colours strode towards Major. This Snow Leopard is Happy Sunnyjoy, and he saw the trouble Major was experiencing.


The trade system appears, and Happy asked for Major’s sweater in exchange of his lei.

Easter Eggs Find

Major reluctantly agrees, but Happy threw it away instead.


Major wears the lei, and Happy removes the earmuffs. Major suddenly changed colours and felt warm.

Then, a glass of smoothie appeared.

Anyway, here are our new items:


They’re bee-ish, but not all.

In the Epic Wonders:

Easter Eggs Find

I thought Opal is for October? Yet again, opals are truly colourful.

Some Opals:

Bun 34 Catrio

Also, in Epic Wonders:


More make-up sets!

Anyway, mini-glitch:


This usually happens if you visit someone’s house with a wallpaper on their walls and yours as well.

Anyway, part  four of ‘Flight’!

Part 4
    Mira stood at the head of the table, a beautiful chandelier fixed on the ceiling. Liza had touched her spirit stone and she appeared in the meeting hall of the Sky Palace.
    “Good morning,” Liza said, “Mira.”
    Mira nodded and smiled. “Morning.”
    Cosmo appeared, followed by Graham. Sir Gilbert and Peck attended quickly, but Greely was nowhere to be seen.
    “We can start without him,” Sir Gilbert said quickly. “This is urgent, right, Mira?”
    Mira sighed. “Lately, I’ve been receiving messages of that these ‘Jammers’ received maroon feathers,” she started.
    “Mira, Greely received a vision of a maroon feather falling into darkness,” said Liza.
    “Ah, uncharted lands,” said Mira.
    “Wait, so it’s raining feathers in the uncharted lands?” asked Graham.
    Sir Gilbert shot Graham a look. “It means that there are feathers falling off something in the uncharted lands.”
    “Through the Valley Portal, go north-east,” said a new voice. A surge of darkness erupted on the floor and Greely appeared.
    “Rude,” scoffed Sire Gilbert under his breath, and he received a snarl from Greely.
    Peck piped up, “Sky Mother, if there are brown feathers, they can easily belong to eagles, ducks, maybe even some of the creatures roaming in Jamaa, but birds.”
    “Or maybe,” said Graham, using an incredibly weird accent beyond his taste, “a very unique penguin for me to catch!”
    “It’s not a joke,” hissed Greely, “Zi- I received a message from a close someone that there are living creatures in the North-East of the Valley Portal, and many knows that the Valley is one of the most phantom-populated areas.”
    “Feathers falling into the shadows… These creatures are attached to the darkening shadows,” said Cosmo artistically.
    Liza paused. Darkening… Shadows…
    “I think I know what this shadow is…” she said, very quietly.
    All eyes were on her, and she gulped, choking out the word, “Phantoms.”

So, rising action, I’m taking my sweet time writing this.

Nice and long.

What do you guys think about it so far?

Anyway, this is the end of the post. Thanks for reading!

Jam on!


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