Diamond Bugs


I deeply apologize for my inconvenience yesterday!

So, it’s Monday instead of Sunday, so the rare’s on this post!

Here’s the new items:


I’m not sure what Galoshes are…



Ah, interesting!

Here are more colourful Galoshes!

Easter Eggs Find

Anyway, a Walk-In Closet is available in the Epic Wonders!


It can open to reveal a whole bunch of human clothings…

You can also see Animal Jam items like ‘Dragonfly Wings’, ‘Robin Hood Hat’, ‘Raccoon Hat’, ‘Tuxedo’, ‘Diamond Tiara’ , ‘Diamond Crown’ and ‘Galoshes’ (RED).


Honestly, I’m not very sure what a walk-in closet looks like…


I like the colours. Nice, but a bit too heavily designed with diamonds.

Here’s what one of the real-life diamond anklets looks like:


I used to wear one… It has penguins on it.

Anyway, in Sarepia Forest…


I’m pretty sure you all had seen this plant. Many people uses it for beauty products.


Anyway, the rare is truly disappointing…


AJHQ… the colour scheme isn’t even right. I certainly wouldn’t purchase one.

Many little plushies returned to the Summer Carnival once more:

5 Bun

Anyway, double gems game!

Pill Bugs!

Who here is fond of playing it?


Me, yes, quite.

I went onto my alternate to grab a few gems and decided to play Jamaa Derby!


AJHQ has glitches on these… Look at the first-place medals… Not right.

Also, did anyone notice they changed the format?


Bees loves shiny things:


Story time!


Part 5
    “Okay, okay,” Graham said, waving his hands, “let me get this straight- some flying creatures drop their feathers on phantoms.”
    Greely did a face-paw. “You are, no doubt, the most hopeless Alpha I’ve ever encountered.”
    “Thank you! Thank you!” cried Graham, expecting Greely to at least crack a twisted grin.
    “You’re welcome,” Greely flatly said, without even a tone of sarcasm.
    Graham frowned.
    “Sky Mother,” Liza said, “so if these flying creatures, the fall into the phantom’s grasp…”
    Cosmo ended her sentence when she trailed off, “We don’t know what Phantoms might to do them. Maybe they’ll blackmail us in making them phantoms if we don’t give in!”
    “Don’t give them any ideas,” said Sir Gilbert.
    Peck raised her paw. “Mother Mira! I have an idea!” cried the bunny.
    “What is it, little one?” Mira said.
    Peck giggled. “Remember those little owls that fly around Jamaa? They’re night creatures, shadows!”
    Liza gasped. “Peck! You’re right!”
    “If that’s the case, you’re saying pet owls escaped Jamaa at night and tried to kill phantoms with feathers?” asked Graham.
    “NO!” cried the Alphas, including Greely, in unison, and Mira sighed.
    “Graham, you see, in the uncharted lands, there are phantoms, and, there, something, with feathers, are threatened by phantoms,” said Mira. “Either that or the owls have been secretly patrolling Jamaa for us at night.”
    Graham nodded, understanding.
    “North-East of the Valley Portal,” said Sir Gilbert, “would be…”
    “The Secret Forest,” said Peck, gulping, living there once. Phantoms once roamed there, and to hear it has one of the most massive phantom population scared her.
    Mira scanned the Alphas. “Those brave and noble, of it’s of necessary, investigate. All this, I shall see,” she said.
    With that, she spread her wings, and the Alphas shimmered, returning to where they were before, the Alpha Manor.
    Above, Mira looked ahead, fear in her eyes, and she whispered, Owls.

That’s all for now!

Adieu, all!


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