Glitching Lynxes

Hello! So, I’m back, sorry for my absence!

Anyway, AJHQ released a new Jamaa Journal this week!

So, lynxes are available for members to purchase!


Originally on Animal Jam, it seems lynxes are…  pink.

Anyway, Animal Jam celebrates their fifth birthday! Hmm, it’s not actually their birthday but the start of non-Beta Animal Jam.

I joined months after the Beta session.


Easter Eggs Find

Well, I can confirm it’s their fifth birthday and-


Glitchy items won the den item voting…


I’m not surprise. On deviantArt, glitch icons are popular.

They make me feel annoyed like I just want to fix it.

Also, another advertisement!


I haven’t get the chance to download it, i’m looking forwards to it, though!

I hope it’s not a huge file…

OK, exhibits. i barely go to the Temple of Zios anymore…


Also, now, more options!

i saw ‘Miss’ and ‘Kitty’ for the first few choices, and then I got bored scrolling.

Wow, page 7! A long Jamaa Journal!


Re-used picture, and the beloved sale has begun!

Another advertisement.


Hmm… Owls…


Also, I received a Jam-a-Gram here…

Easter Eggs Find

Very thoughtful.

If you can, send me a Jam-a-Gram to show you’re reading my blog!

It’s nice to know who you all are.

Here are the glitchy items:


They make my head reel.

One pixel cluster, another there…

Don’t forget to pick up these Summer-Festive items before Autumn leaves fall!

That’s right…


…They’re on clearance.

Oddly, though, i found this on Jam Mart Furniture.

AJHQ, it’s Sunday now…


In Epic Wonders, we have a Train Set… an ‘Epic’ one.


Also, the never-changing sapphire birthstone.

Anyone born on September?



They’re cuddly-looking, but it seems like they have a… ‘square build’.

I’m not so fond of them…

How AJHQ draw them:


Hmm… Looks lovable after all…

The calendar. Mark all they days you need to remember!


Also, the featured art.


I like the concept.

Also, welcome, new plants.




I’m not sure since when they were in the Diamond Shop.


I’m not really one for the music.

Story time!


Part 6
    Liza stayed back after dinner. The only ones left was her and Greely. When Greely rose to leave, she called, “Wait!”
    Greely looked at her. “Is there a problem?”
    Liza nodded. “Do you think, these feathers… are from owls?” she question.
    Greely shrugged. “If I have a sample, I could have analysed it,” he said.
    “There’s a Great Horned Owl in Sarepia Forest,” Liza said.
    Greely raised an eyebrow. “Would you like to ask him?”
    Liza’s eyes sparkled. “Good idea, Greely!”
    “I’m not going, I have… things to do,” Greely said, disappointing Liza.
    With that she traced a circle around her in the air and a flower sprouted upwards, engulfing Liza, and when it bloomed, Liza was standing on the platform of Sarepia Forest. She found Cosmo there, already conversing with the owl. “Hmm… Okay, yes, tell me, why didn’t Zios guide them here as you are here?” asked Cosmo.
    Cosmo shook his head. “I’m sorry…”
    He turned and spotted Liza. “Eavesdropping, huh?” he asked.
    “I just came here,” said Liza, “plus, I don’t understand Owl-ish.”
    Cosmo frowned. “We don’t know why Zios or Mira left them alone or even take notice, but there’s one possible explanation- owls are not so wanted… right?”
    “The past, of course, is why,” Liza pointed out. “The owl was used for a spy…”
    Cosmo sighed. “Please, Liza, drop that, the owl doesn’t remember any more magic spells, only his general knowledge, you can’t blame him,” he objected.
    “We need to venture the Secret Forest,” said Liza. “After all, who knows what the phantoms might do?”
    Cosmo sighed. “You’re right… Let’s get a warrior, hmm?”
    “Let’s see… Greely or Sir Gilbert?” wondered Liza. “Which warrior should we take?”

Who do you think they’ll take?

Anyway. that’s all I have. Jam on, everyone!


2 comments on “Glitching Lynxes

  1. Whew, I didn’t view this blog in a while. (Aka a few weeks.)

    Hmm.. Well, I think Sir Gilbert is more of the warrior type, and Greely is being suspicious as usual. But then again, Greely knows more about the phantoms than Sir Gilbert..

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