So Many Things!


So, my Internet is so slow! Either it’s due to AJHQ’s update… or… my connection.


So, one new loading screen. I think there’s only one screen?

Anyway, a new Jamaa Journal has been issued!


With Bitter Sweets back, sweet delights await!

Prog Baby-blue-bell and generalzoi

Phantom news…


More Phantom news…


Ah! Customizing! The Theater Shop, eh? Like a popcorn machine store?

PRog Baby-Blue-Bell 1

Animal week that appears every year, uh, OK.


So, this might be the last ad for the ferrets in a long time.

So, this is the ‘Games Tab’.

PRog Baby-Blue-Bell 1

Neat. I’m going to use it… A LOT.

In Treetop Gardens, we have Marigolds!

Prog Baby-blue-bell and generalzoi

Yeah. Lovely!

So, I went to take a peek at Sarepia’s newest shop!


You can’t access it through the world map, though. Sad…


So, there is a popcorn machine!


It seems like Cosmo is popular in the theater, being Brady Barr’s friend, I guess?


Jam Mart Furniture! Glad to see new things!

SnakeProg Baby-blue-bell and generalzoi

Although the pumpkins glitched out?

Where did the ‘new’ sign go?

Spook-tastic objects are on sale to brighten your Halloween!


Or is that ‘darken’?

Though those pumpkin shoes look like croissants…

In Epic Wonders, be the Tarantula Leader by sitting on your majestic throne!


Make sure your subjects are present!

Somehow, this new Opal birthstone looks different!

Easter Eggs Find

DO tell, it’s new?

Returning from last year…


I can’t find this underwater anymore, though…

Underwater creatures are also happily preparing for Halloween/Night of the Phantoms!

5Prog Baby-blue-bell and generalzoi

Not me, though.

Oh, wait, another new loading screen!

PRog Baby-Blue-Bell 1

The new Epic Haunted House…

Looking at it…

There’s barely any change.

Easter Eggs Find

The Shiveer Shoppe offers this returning item to heat up your Night of the Phantoms!


When it first arrived, many were confused where to get one.

Also, remember the Play Wild screenshot?


I tried to make a similar one, and, the difference is so big just because one is 3D and the other is 2D…

New Jam-a-Grams!

PRog Baby-Blue-Bell 1Prog Baby-blue-bell and generalzoiProg Baby-Blue-Bell

My favourite was the ‘Jamaahhhh!’.

Sometimes, you just have to love their humour…

The calendar:


Art featured:


Yeah. It’s a bit late…

Jamaa Township is so full with life!


Decorations; some added, some old.

Those trees look great there! Paw-some job!


The normal no-Mira statue. Aww…

PRog Baby-Blue-Bell 1

I never realize this, but…

Either it’s new or something, but the bridge has those amazing railing!

So, Bitter Sweets!

Easter Eggs Find

That again. Same as last year! Geez! Are you a dragon?

So, I learned peacocks are amazingly huge pets.

OK, creepy.

PRog Baby-Blue-Bell 1

So, opening chest-sequence!

At the lab:


That thing… Thing? It’ll zap the ball containing the chest. OK, fascinating.

At the Pumpkin Maze:


It’s not new…



Uh, I forgot…?

So, here are the chests:


They look grotesque!

Geez, thanks for nothing.

Prog Baby-blue-bell and generalzoi



…I lost my reaching 1000 candies picture. Aww…

Oh, here’s another one!


My favourite was the one with the bunny.

I’m running late today, so that’s all for now!

Remember to drop your comment on the way out!



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