Possible Happenings?

Okay, who here has an A-Maths (Additional Maths) teacher who gives you 25 numbers from the book as a HW without fully explaining things through?

Wah, easy! I do.

I spent this Sunday finishing them.

Ahh, those problems were ridiculous.

I didn’t solve one at the end…


Some of you might know through my dA (deviantART) posts that I’m not feeling well. Yes, I have been sick for the past days, and I’m not completely well yet.

I might need a hiatus due to personal health problems and school, but if I get to post next week, I won’t! Let’s just hope I don’t get more A-Maths HW than needed!

Thank you, and I’m really sorry to disappoint. I hope I really REALLY can post next week!


One comment on “Possible Happenings?

  1. Cutepups522 says:

    Yeah, that’s totally fine.

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