It’s about time I blogged again. There was a lagging loading screen, and I think it looks good for a wallpaper:38

Anyway, today’s Jamaaliday GIft is…


SOMETHING THAT EXISTED IN STORES BEFORE! It was rather expensive, ranging about 350-500 gems, and now it’s free…

Oh well, better free than not getting anything!

So, there’s a new Jamaa Journal this week:

Prog Hapuriainen

Prog baby-blue-bell2

So… Yes, host a party! Members only, hurhur. Is there a room limit as usual? I heard most of them brought back BETA items, is this possibly AJHQ’s cause to reduce rarity?

Anyway, Pet Penguins came, I’m not surprised- soon there will be miniatures for everything. WET

AJHQ decides to help me with my blogging. Apparently, I didn’t blog yesterday due to the fact I needed to attend a wedding.

So, 300 MILLION presents! That’s more this year than the last, isn’t it?


Also, quite shocking how this year ended to quickly! The New Years Party approaches once more, only, keep your eyes peeled for a 2016 banner!

Shocking- I still have the banner that says ‘2012’!

Oh, interesting looking sword! That fireplace… thing… I want it!Bun

Oh, also, that big pile of gifts, is that one of the few Christmas gifts I missed?


Anyway, have an ad!

Prog Hapuriainen

How old was this again?


Anyway, it seems a bit… Incomplete:T

I’ll try to blog about Play Wild as much as possible on Saturdays.

Anyway, new items:

In the Jam Mart Furniture…


WHAT? Jamaaliday Mailbox! You were a gift!

Whoa, AJHQ has it messed up…

Also, in Jam Mart Clothing:


Pinecone Necklace exists on Play Wild too.

Anyway, Diamond Shop items!

So, a neon penguin with a fishbone…

Prog Hapuriainen


My penguin would probably look like this:


The old Mummy Gloves returned:


I’m positive many people won’t be happy.

Also, these items are leaving:

Prog baby-blue-bell2

OK, I’m in my spare, and I’m broke:


Anyway, these items from Kimbara Imports are leaving!icy glaciers

I’m guessing the top left will be next.

I caught up to Jamaaliday Jam on another spare and here are two new items, it seems:


Darn, I’m really broke.


Anyway, after a long time, here’s a story, continuing Part 8 from here.

Part 9
    Behind the bushes, the two watched as phantoms flitted into sight. Liza tensed as Sir Gilbert let a soft growl play on his lips.
    Greely, I hope you’re OK! Liza thought.
    Sir Gilbert eyed them with hatred, his bright eyes filled with anger, and one of the phantoms came upon an owl with maroon fur.
    “Tell me your best Science knowledge!” growled the phantom. It has no lips, but words flowed out of it perfectly.
    The owl shuddered. “Uh. Uh. Uh! Uh! Oh! Owls are birds, and we can fly!”
     Unfortunately for the owls, the phantom knew that, and it sent a spark of blue lightning into it’s chest, paralysing the poor bird.
    Liza tensed up. She wanted to help the creature, and she felt Sir Gilbert’s paw on her back. “Shh, calm down,” the tiger whispered.
    “Teach us magic!” the other phantom cried. Out of the two, this one looks larger.
    “We… We don’t know any!” protested a violet owl. Seeing blue sparks, the owl quickly flew off.
    Suddenly, behind them, the door slammed close. “What?” the phantoms growl.
    “This is a disaster!” cried the smaller one. “The next phantoms will come in three hours!”
    “There’s a meeting in one hour!” the larger one cried.
    Seeing them panic made Liza want to laugh, but she had to stay silent, so she smiled instead.
    A low rumble of chuckling filled Liza’s ears, making her fur prick, and her smile to disappear. Looking back, there was Greely.
    “D-don’t… Don’t you scare me again like that!” she demanded.
    It wasn’t the first. He did something similar, but worse, in the past, and she almost sounded the alarm that time.
    “Wait for them to calm down first,” said Greely. “If they panic, they’re too unpredictable, for now, we need to study the area. Stay hidden, keep low, be silent.”
    Before they head off, Liza whispered, “May Mira guide us.”

The other time Greely scared Liza was in the Sarepia Story, when they wanted to rescue the owl. This all connects to that story.

A bit short, but I got lazy, holiday mode is on!


Alright! Anyone has holiday plans? I kind of have one.

Alright, jam on, have fun!



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