New Years, Changes

Hello! I got temporary use of the PC! Yes!


Second post of 2016; HAPPY NEW YEAR!

My siblings are in a project week, so they need it more than I, so, I’m being quick here.

Anyway, AJHQ released a new Jamaa Journal!

Oh, a new den! I see.


Excessive snowflakes, who else can say it’s not wintry?

Anyway, it’s a new year! AJHQ decided to give us a gift with this!

Huzzah! For every game!Prog Hapuriainen

Anyway, this page is all about animals. Polar bears are coming back!

So is a new animal!S

The repetitive news of the ‘Host-Your-Parties’ where many BETA items returned! Some of them also have unreleased items and items from adventures like Bitter Sweets!WET

Lastly an ad-Spook

WHOA, did you just go on a leopard hunt, AJHQ?

Ugh, scary!

Anyway, I’m not sure how long it has changed, but compared to over a year ago (probably the July of the year Diamonds were introduced), the now-spin has darker wood colour, patterns for 500 (that’s old) and a ‘thumb-tack’ style.PRog generalzoi1


Also, AJHQ decided to feature this artwork:

Easter Eggs Find

Happy New Year, all!

In Jam Mart Furniture, you can grab a pair of Hockey Skates!WET

(Hokey Skates, Ice Prison, Snowman)

Also, these are leaving.Prog baby-blue-bell2

I compiled them into one page… Just because?


Also, in Jam Mart Clothing…


ICY FANGS? What? It won’t melt? Chocolate melts in mouth temperature…

(Infinity Glasses, Ice Fangs)

Also, these Spring time items are leaving:WET

In the Diamond shop, there are some leaving items with a new one: the Lion Claw!Prog Hapuriainen

Also, Elsa’s Palace the Winter Palace is for sale!


It’s actually really pretty, and you get a WIDE space for outdoors.

However, if I were to purchase it, I wouldn’t put anything over the snowflakes. I’d rather get the Beach Den.

Also, it looks like this Club Penguin Elsa Den:



In Epic Wonders, AJHQ forgotten to remove the Turquoise Birthstone and placed a Garnet next to it.


Also, these Snowflake Royalty items returned. Uh, did I have the pleasure of showing you the Ice Sword?Prog Hapuriainen

Funny thing is that you can colour change ice. Heh.


Guys, I’m really disappointed that I didn’t get to post last week, and I’m afraid I have no ammo for stories either because my siblings need to use the PC like pronto. The next post, even if there’s no Animal Jam news, I WILL post a story, and maybe a few cute gifs.


OK, with that, feel free to Jam-a-Gram me, my user is Rainbow000Pegasus. (Triple zeroes, not ‘o’-s)


Plus, if you watch Steven Universe, send me a Jam-a-Gram saying ‘LOL’, and maybe I might add a bit of SU extras the next time I post.


Also, I have decided not to post about Play Wild. I’m losing interest in Play Wild itself and more to Animal Jam.

Thank you and jam on!



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