Hello Jammers! Back again on Sundays!

Yes, my routine is going well for now.



So, yeah. We have a couple of returning items in Jam Mart Clothing!


Bottom right: Rainbow Bracelets- they’re new! Yay!

Also, these are leaving:


Darn, I fancy that wand.


In Jam Mart Furniture, more lucky items are headed your way so you’ll feel… LUCKY!

That gone though…


While this one’s moving out:


Anyway, this returning Clover Cape makes another forgotten but heroic return!

These were very popular back then alongside the Bubbletron 3000- my dream item.RL

Ah, nothing new in Epic Wonders, except this one’s leaving.


Although I just welcomed it last post hurhur.

Anyway, AJHQ decided to make more pixelated items…


Just because. To be honest, this one looks cute!

Anyway, these are leaving:RL



Continuation from HERE.

Part 12
    Cosmo, what are you doing? Liza almost cried.
    It was dense enough for him to try gain the phantom’s attention. That was one thing Liza was against. Liza touched a fern, and her gem on her staff glowed. She covered the glow by shoving it underneath some bushes. She thought to the fern, Cosmo, you’re being dense. Are you fully prepared?
     Cosmo looked around as a plant tapped him on his shoulder. It waved and wiggled, and, suddenly, Cosmo’s candle glowed ablaze as the fern in front of Liza waved around, Cosmo’s voice inside Liza’s mind, More than just prepared! I made three traps on-
    They’re consecutive, right? Liza sighed, cutting the thought.
    Cosmo was silent. You mean?
    I’m pretty sure that the traps are align, said Liza.
    Cosmo sighed. You’re good, if so, prepare for battle, I’m going to do something!
    No! Not now! We need to consult the two, Liza insisted.
    Those who? Bah, warriors but immature!
    Liza won the argument, and with her mind, she reached for their items.
    Unbeknown to many, the Alphas has items to reach each other. Liza and Cosmo has their staff, and Sir Gilbert has the clasp of his cloak and Greely’s a ring. Sir Gilbert, Greely, come here.
    I’m beside Greely now, grunted Sir Gilbert, and Liza was pleased her magic worked. It normally didn’t for her.
    Greely knows where I am, come over, said Liza into their minds.
    Greely replied, On the way.
    With that, Liza withdrew her thoughts and waited for the two.
    Somehow, Cosmo has a plan.


So, nothing much. I hope I’m not making you all disappointed but i probably did already.



Jam on all!

I need to get back to school tomorrow…



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