Return from the Storage Room

Hello! I got to use the computer after a struggle! Hahaha-


So, a new Jamaa Journal has been released!

Falcons are here!


Anyway, the journal talks about the flower armour that I found last last week.

Plus, more locations for member parties are available!Haphazard

In addition, Earth Day is coming (April 22) and a new video has been released in Jamaa.Pancasila

No time to watch it today, unfortunately.

Deer are leaving… I thought polar bears were?

Or did they return?


Lastly, a friendly AJHQ ad.WindyDay

So, anyway, the new items!

CACTUS- ouch!Pe

Other than the cactus hat, they are all reruns.

Also, there’s a new system:


The top one lists the items from oldest to newest or vice-versa, the second is from cheapest to most pricey and last is alphabetically.

I then entered my den to find these Egyptian beauties back!


I love these items!48

Also, a brand new Spring-throne is for purchase.

As Spring enters and Winter leaves, this Ice Prison melts away…


Leaving with the Ice Prison, we have a couple few more items:


Next stop was the Diamond Shop.

There’s an Owl Claw. Cool!


Plus… a gigantic bunny head…


Plus, this Snow Cloud is dissipating…


I’ve never seen this item, it’s a song for purchase!


Anyway, Falcons!

They seem to have a purple hue in Jamaa.


They look noble.

The next visit is Epic Wonders!

These two items have returned from the pits of Epic Wonder’s storage room!SFS

Next up is the Treetop Gardens. Amazing, got to love your greenery, guys!46

NEXT, story time!


Part 14
    The owls were happy to be free. They were flying around in random motions until Sir Gilbert released a growl. “Listen up!” he announced when the owls looked at him and turned silent. “You’re free only for a temporary measure of time! Those phantoms can return! They can come back with more of their kind! If you want to be truly free- listen well!”
    Liza spoke up, “We need to get out of here, but because there’s many of you, it wouldn’t be easy. So, I’d like to see the secret passage door the phantoms spoke about.”
    She turned towards the huge center tree, where many owls perched and lived on.

Doors hidden, buried within,
Huge, muscular, not often seen
The core, the legs, the one that stands
Crawling through the massive lands

    She then walked towards the roots of the tree. They were massive, crawling through both above and underground. This was the answer to the riddle. Roots. She descended downwards and found a small wooden door covered with dirt. She brushed the dirt away and struck something cold.
    It was a handle. She lifted it up and there was a massive flight of stairs. She peeked at the other animals. Cosmo had returned.
    Liza gulped and descended down the stairs, hurrying. She was only curious, but doesn’t now what laid beyond her.

I had fun writing that!

That concludes to the end of my post.

I’m sorry if i met any one of you and I was being quite mean, I feel messed up today.

Ahh, jam on, all!


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