Egypt Rain

Hello! Surprisingly there’s no new Jamaa Journal, but here are a bunch of items from AJHQ!

Anyway, it’s Egyptian Week again on Animal Jam!

This item returns again since earlier this year or last year?


The hat is found in Jam Mart Clothing, and a few items are taking their leave:


Meanwhile, in Jam Mart Furniture, these shiny items has also returned!45

I wonder if the ice-cream set is returning too?

Also, the Wood Burning Stove is leaving.


In Epic Wonders, this April birthstone would be cleared off the shelf shortly!


In addition, more Egyptian items are on the shelves of Epic Wonders!


In the Diamond Shop, among the other amazing items, is the returning Rain Cloud, which is also a pretty cool item itself…


In Treetop Gardens, the Sweet Peas are on a clearance!

Better grab your colourful pastel bouquets before they’re gone!48

Story tile, guys!
We’re reaching the end!

Part 15
    It wasn’t very deep, not was it bright. Liza let the crystal on her staff light up, the room glowed faintly in purple as she walked towards a writing table. There was a piece of paper. She dared not to touch it and reach the surprisingly legible and bold contents:

What lays before you
Is the way outside
Better done with two
And watch your stride

    Liza frowned. More riddles! She revised the key words. Better done with two, watch your stride.
    She gasped and ran upstairs. “Guys! I figured out how to get out of here!”
    She was being ridiculous. That note was written for an Alpha. Or for any powered beings. She should have known. She should have known how to escape earlier. She exited the little room and shut the door tight behind her.
    She dropped down on her knees once she reached the others. She pulled out a piece of chalk and drew hasty, quick lines on the ground. It was a circle, with three circles intertwined inside, with a few dots and triangles. When Sir Gilbert saw it, he gasped.
    “It’s the teleportation spell,” he said.
    The large dark-feathered owl stepped forwards. “It seems like someone finally remembered,” he said with a tsk.
    Liza stopped for a moment. It was Count Frozenspirit. “You knew magic?”
    Count smiled. “Just this one.”
    “You wrote the riddle?” asked Liza, and the owl nodded his head. Only that he didn’t have the power to use it, and only those worthy should reach this information.
    It was a brilliant riddle.
    What lays before you- it was the ground, the soil and earth. Without it, it could not work for the teleportation spell depended on the earth.
    Is the way outside- as it speaks for itself, it allows the user to shift away, to magically transport one self to a different place.
    The next was was tricky. Liza extended her paw towards the owl. “Count Frozenspirit, would you do the honour?” she inquired, eyes twinkling.
    The owl grinned, “I’d be honoured.”


It’s certainly coming to an end… I wonder how it will go…


That’s all. Sorry it’s short and simple, I’m a bit swamped, so, yeah, jam on!


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