Arctic Wolves, 50% Off!

Hey y’all! I’m glad to be able to post today! Not a lot of HW- certainly pleasing!

Anyway, AJHQ released a new journal! Let’s go read it.




So, Kangaroos are back! I didn’t remember they left, but anyway it’s great to see these marsupials back.


Also, I was simply DELIGHTED to read about the new adventures! I mean, they’re great, and builds some teamwork among Jammers. Then…


Aww… Member-tested? Darn! I think the Hidden Falls would be really cool, I hope they become for non-members!

Season InTheSun

Also, for this, I’m not really into it for non-members can’t have a wall OR make a masterpiece.

Prog generalzoi2

Mmm, the school party… returning party, is it? Also, welcome back, Wind Armour!



W-WHA-! I’m going to be honest and say that the meerkat is really scary. Ungh…

Here’s AJHQ’s meerkat:


This is wildlife’s meerkat:


Say, don’t they have a cute one over at Apondale?

22 <– There you go!


Jam Mart Clothing

So, a bunch of new items that i will post are the ones posted after the Jamaa Journal was released. A few items to look at:

Prog generalzoi24850

I think the Turtle Shell is really cool, I’d buy one if I could. The Lampshade is odd, though.

Also, this item is leaving:



Jam Mart Furniture


These items are:

Phantom Kraken Rug     |     Pirate Ship In A Bottle     |     Spyglass

Pirate Ship Couch           |      Crow’s Nest Table             |    Harp

I think the pirate related items are cute! Especially the couch. I like the harp too though.

I’m a sucker for harps.

In addition, this item will bade us good-bye soon!



Diamond Shop

Hurry up, guys! Grab your Arctic Wolf as it’s on SALE!

Season InTheSunThx

Plus, the Arctic Fox is leaving, if you don’t want to miss out you might want to purchase it which I actually want to purchase both

The Wind Armour set has returned, they have been the same and the same as ever, i still think the neck piece is cool, though.


In addition, the Longbow has returned. I quite like this item, despite looking simple, it looks good too but maybe it’s because I’m also a sucker for bows


Also, the Hyena Claw is up for grabs, members! Hyena plushies are just REALLY adorable, I’d grab one if I were a member. If you have this claw at YOUR place, please send me a Jam-a-Gram! I want more Hyena plushies…



Bahari Bargains

The Pufferfish Armour set will be taking their leave, not for the first time, actually, but either way, if they are to your liking, you might want to purchase them!

Prog generalzoi2


Legends of the Land

Part 17
    “So, the owl gave the riddle to the Phantom? That’s dense!” Graham commented.
    Count cleared his throat.
    They were up in the Sky Palace, in the meeting hall. The members of the court had been listening to the tales of the four Alphas and an owl about the enclosure in the Secret Forest.
    “They torture us if we don’t give them something interesting, so I made a riddle up, but it was also in case we got stuck. Unfortunately, our magician was paralysed when he refused to share his magic, and his strength is failing,” Count said.
    “Bring him over if you find him,” Mira’s soothing voice said, “I’ll try my best to heal your friend.”
    Count nodded, saying, “Thank you.”
    Mira’s extended talons met Count’s. A spirit stone appeared between them.
    “Then again, your name has never been Count Frozenspirit,” Mira added suddenly, expression shocked, a little icy.
     Everyone was stunned. “You’re Avalon, am I right?”
    Count, or Avalon, nodded. “Aye, Sky Mother, you got me figured out,” she said.
    “Despite wasting your powers and skills on that project, ignoring on the prophecies we saw… I will still welcome you for the rest of your life and forever more, and your tribe as well, you’re not an outsider, Avalon, you’re welcome in this land, we hope you to be safe,” Mira said.
    “W-what project?” Liza cried out.
    Avalon and Mira gave her a blank stare. “I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Mira said flatly, but Liza knew something was up.
    “Avalon, I proclaim you as the official Owl Alpha,” said Mira joyfully, “and I shall gift you with my power. Use it wisely, Avalon, and welcome back to Jamaa.”
    Something is up, I know it, Liza said, biting her lower lip, wondering if this thought reached her fellow alpha friends in the room as her staff glowed.

That concludes the post, and the story, for today. If you didn’t get the story, it’s about how owls came to Jamaa.

I used a new format that I think would be cool, so, yeah, have a nice day and jam on, everyone!


6 comments on “Arctic Wolves, 50% Off!

  1. Swimmerchamp says:

    Yay! You’re back 🙂

  2. Swimmerchamp (still using this here haha) says:

    Yup! You can email AJHQ and ask them to change it, but you can only do this once.

    Check out this pos for most infot:

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