Giraffes For ALL!

Hey all! I finally finished all my HW to blog for all of you and to de-stress me!

Anyway, AJHQ released a new Jamaa Journal!


Jamaa Journal


Whoa-! I’m glad to hear this! I mean, the last non-member animal was the penguin in… what? 2012? 2013? 2014?

Whoa, it’s been so long since AJHQ created Animal Jam I don’t even remember anymore.


Also, this item:

Season InTheSun

Head feathers had always been popular, so maybe selling them for Diamonds would financially help AJHQ.


Anyway, the day has returned!


Welcome again, bees.

Note that pet bees are now sold for DIAMONDS.

I mean- WHAAAAT~!


Anyway, the adventure Phantom Beacon has returned! I wonder if my progress of money has been saved?50

Also, you can now trade your pets! I must say that IS impressive!


Anyway, a new animal or a new land might be released!Prog Hapuriainen


I’ll be honest and say I can’t decipher the image, but someone had offered ‘Africa’. Perhaps Egypt? Brazil?

Or perhaps the Maoi statues?

OK, I give up, AJHQ. Good vague job on this because when it comes to vague:

  1. I am not happy
  2. I cannot identify what’s UP with it
  3. I’m a more specific person


As for beloved animals…


The rhinos are returning shortly!



In addition, members can go check the 2D Adventures!


I myself am unable to find the Command Post, but it sure looks amazing!



Whoa, this Jamaa Journa; is long!

Anyway AJHQ made some merch:


Prog generalzoi2

They look like ‘My Littlest Pet Shop’ merchandise, to be honest, but if I were to get one, I think it’s going to be a horse!

I mean- it’s an equine, and are those WINGS?


Jam Mart Clothing

As the National Bee Day has arrived and actually passed, bee items are in stock in the shop!


Currently, there are no items on clearance.


Jam Mart Furniture

Aside from bee items, origami items are on sale too!Screenshot_2015-10-07-15-44-18

Haha, I remember that time when I was an origami nerd.I tried making like everything there is to be made with origami. Shurikens, cranes, etc., sadly I forgot most of them. Now what i can do are very limited.

Wish I could fold myself one of these:

Season InTheSun


Diamond Shop

The Diamond Shop has brought back the Phoenix Armour more more!


I received this notification, and I think ‘any jammer’ doesn’t hold the same definition to us non-members, or it’s just false hope. Oops.



Lastly, I went to check out the pet bees.Screenshot_2015-10-07-15-44-18

Seems like we can now randomise out pets.





For the trade, a new section has been added for pets. I love my pets too much to sell them, sorry guys!


Also, made a giraffe on a spare account. Apparently their body colour is NOT in the colour palette, like the green eyes of the seal.



Legends of the Land

Avalon’s Past

Part 1
    The bird was looking at the magic circle. “Is it ready?” a feeble voice called.
    She looked back. Mira, a majestic blue heron bird, landed. “Avalon, is this the ring you told me about?”
    “Yes,” said Avalon, tugging her cloak. “I think it would work.”
    For months, Avalon had been working with Mira to find Zios, her lost soul mate. Spells, magic items and runes, drawing endless conclusions for every failed experiment. Mira made it clear to Avalon.
    Zios was everything to her.
    “Ready?” Mira inquired.
    Avalon nodded. “Yes, ma’am!”
    Avalon flew and grabbed a parchment. “Here you go, Sky Mother!” she cried, unrolling it with a swift kick, holding it with her talons so Mira could read it.

“Ring that seeks of love so true
Light the flames of love anew
Let them return once more to me
Let them before me so I can see

Come to me, oh, come, my dear!
Zios, my love, tell me he’s near-
Magic circle of love and fate
Tell me today’s the date!”

    The spell sounded like poetry, and the magical ring seemed to shimmer. “I-is it working!” Mira cried, shocked.
    “I hope so!” Avalon cried. The ring’s golden shimmer, however, faltered and died altogether. The two of them were greatly disappointed.
    “I guess… not,” Avalon sighed, afraid to see the tears in Mira’s eyes.

So, as our last story (Flight) concluded, it has appear to us that Avalon, the owl Alpha, has some history with Mira. Of course, this is just how I see it (connecting to the past of the owls), so, yeah, enjoy!


This brings my post to a conclusion. Jam on, everyone, have a great day!


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