Smiley Eagle

Hello all! I’m lucky I don’t have as much work to do this weekend! Anyway, a blog post today! Yay! I’m happy, really, to be able to blog!

Jamaa Journal

There is new no Jamaa Journal this week.


Jam Mart Clothing

A few items had made itself known, including the Sunshine Galoshes, Smiley Glasses and Beehive Hair.


It’s funny to see some more wacky items on AJ when it’s not April’s Fools!


Jam Mart Furniture

Origami items and bee-themed items are adding itself into the collection of items.48

I would buy the origami lamp, but won’t it burn…?

Also, I think it’d be creative to have a shelf like this:


Rather than wall art- I mean I prefer shelves. So I can store my items, and possibly with glass doors so I can prevent the need to dust the items more. Heheh.


Epic Wonders

As August is ending, the peridot gemstone is leaving!


I’m pretty confident that those are uncut peridot(s).

I searched up some images of uncut peridot gems, they look pretty magical:

48Season InTheSun

Clicking on the images will bring you to their respective original sites.


Diamond Shop


A new item called ‘Pixelated Eagle Head’ has been released.

Prog generalzoi2

I am not fond of the item, but different people have different opinions!

Anyway, the pieces of the Diamond Encrusted Armour Set will soon be taken off the shops but would probably come back!


It seems like that the tail piece has already been removed.

Anyway, the head feathers said to stay only to stay for weeks made sure it did! It has five days left if you still want to purchase it!

Season InTheSun

Lastly, Greely’s taking back his hideout! If you fancy it but haven’t purchased it, you might want to do so now or in the next 5 days!



Treetop Gardens

The Gladiolus are leaving the gardens, make sure to grab yourself a pot!


Wow… I’m so lazy to move those two together haha.

Oh, and, yes, I did purchase one.



I found where the Phantom Control Room-thing is! Well, when I tried going in it told me it was members only, so, figures…


I hope it gems released for non-members too, though!


In addition, I redecorated my den. It was supposed to be some kind of wedding/engagement party organiser’s den or something, but it didn’t end up the best hehe.Season InTheSun

My den’s unlocked, feel free to enter!



Legends of the Land

Avalon’s Past- Part 2
    After the disappointment, Avalon had started to work much more with spells, usually venturing Jamaa to study more from what else she could handle, from Mira’s own knowledge, and sometimes even she talked to the owl she often saw lingering around.
    Again, she came up with a contraption that allowed them to see others. Mira was curious, but her eyes has shown she has not recovered yet from the previous failure.
    “A-are you sure about this?” inquired Avalon.
    Mira nodded. What Avalon feared was another great disappointment.
    This time, Avalon chanted, “Golden mirror! Show us the glorious Zios!”
    Then, a distorted image of a golden mask came into the golden disk’s surface. “Z-Zios!” Mira cried.
    However, it was not Zios as the image became cleared. It was the wisp, forming, looming, unclear. Two green eyes shone. The voice was deep and mysterious, and began to speak:

The Sky Father has fallen down,
Lost from Jamaa at the second dawn
He will not return, he will not return,
Beasts from afar, into Jamaa they shall turn

Seeking the Sky Father is an empty fate
Nothing should mark his date-
As for those who try to follow his steps
Shall forget and regret for near deaths

    Then, the picture blurred away and Avalon frowned. “Whatever could that mean?”
    Mira shook her head and faced Avalon. “Avalon, hear and heed me well,” she said. “We must give up from this quest, I’m afraid. He is not to be pursued.”
    “You can’t just give up on your love of your life!” protested Avalon.
    Mira looked at the owl kindly. “Avalon, it’s not that I want to, it’s that I must.”
    “Why? I wouldn’t give up-!”
    Mira interrupted her. “You wouldn’t Avalon,” she said softly, but her voice was shaking, “because you don’t have a role everyone depend on. Yes, I do depend on you to do various kinds of spells to contact Zios for me, it’s because I don’t have that much knowledge, and second… I am the Sky Mother.”
    Avalon swallowed. She knew now what Mira meant.
    “He will never return, Ava,” Mira said, looking outside of the clear window, the blue sky turning darker. “I cannot seek him, for then I will abandon my position as the Sky Mother. With I gone, who is left to protect Jamaa and you all?”
    Avalon knew well that Mira would never abandon them, but still, Mira couldn’t just forget finding about her love!
    Nodding, she silently thought, I’ll look for Zios myself, then, and you can’t stop me, Sky Mother.


So that’s part two! It shocked me how long it appears to be! Also, my apologies, bees are sold for 400 gems and NOT Diamonds! My apologies!


Anyway, that’s the end of my post- have a nice day and jam on!


2 comments on “Smiley Eagle

  1. Cutepups (Blue) says:

    Oh hey Rainbow. Cool, you’re still blogging, I see. I’ve been checking this blog every now and then. Your posts seem more organized now. I still blog on mine, but my posts are anything but organized, haha! It’s pretty neat how you’re still doing those story parts at the ends of your posts. :>

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