Hilarious Cake

Hello all!

Whoa, not sure why all my screen shots are blurry!

Let’s get on to it, though! Sorry I’m posting so late! Had to go out.


Jamaa Journal

No new Jamaa Journal was released! Phew! I would hate to do a double update…


Jam Mart Clothing

ALL the items below are returning items:


I should really get someone to cosplay as Jack Sparrow with those items haha.

Anyway, this one below is NEW!


Whoo-! I can’t seem to preview it, though, but it looks lovely.



Jam Mart Furniture

Nothing new, just items on clearance.



Diamond Shop

Anyway, pigs are leaving! You have only four days to catch up and buy it if you wish!


Aww, piggy-wiggey looks confused. Does it actually want to leave…?

In addition, a regal items has shown itself!


No doubt for the new den! However, I think the paws on the arm rest looks unsettling, almost like gloves of an unknown stranger sitting on the thrones right at the moment…


Also, a llama claw! I have not seen any llama plushies, so this one seems to be pretty cool!


Finally, I see those plushies hehe.


Anyway, this is Sir Gilbert’s dwelling.


It looks pretty big! Let’s give it a look.

I like the entrance- cute tigers!screen-shot-2016-09-11-at-11-38-45-pm

The stained glass of Mira is also wonderful- Zios is supposed to be up there but I couldn’t catch him…


In the gardens, there are stairs leading downstairs…

What’s this?screen-shot-2016-09-11-at-11-39-21-pm

A globe? Is this for studying navigation and-



WHOA-! In this chamber unrevealed in the preview, there is a stained glass image of SIR GILBERT, placing his paw on the EARTH. Could he be plotting to CONTROL the world?


OK, OK, and I thought Greely was the one playing that role.

It’s up to members who now dwell there to find out…

Anyway, let’s ponder a bit…screen-shot-2016-09-11-at-11-40-21-pm

Why is this tree (that you can climb on) shaped like a HEART? Is Gilbert actually in love with someone? Dum dum dum…


So, there’s a royal balcony…



I’m just not cut for it.

Anyway, a nice place to capture the scenery!



Also, the amazing Crystal Palace is ON SALE!!!screen-shot-2016-09-11-at-11-41-19-pm



Epic Wonders


Sir Greely knows how to put a feast! Why, he’s into sugary treats!


Bahari Bargains

The whistle has returned! Coach your friends with this amazing whistle!




As an Animal Jam Party is released, so are some new items…!


Such adorable cute DEN balloon items! I wish they were accessories so we can bring them along like babies hehe.

Also, the bronze statues are on the shop too!


However, it’s only the main Alphas, the minors one are not there…

Also, these are the available accessories…



Meanwhile, Birthday Bash is on the sound track shop!


Looking around, nothing really changed, except the ‘6’ of course!


I tried switching back to ‘Animal Names’ but noooo it wouldn’t change, so mini picture it is.



I went on a spare to redeem the cake.

So there’s a pop-up now…


Darn, just why?

Anyway, I got the cake!


Anyway, this is the cake!


I like the cake! The swirls are really nice!

So, you need to click the candle’s flame and the second tier will appear…


Click the more right flowery thing on the orange part of the cake. ‘Legs’ will appear…


Click the most front leg of the cake at where it bends.

A fourth tower will appear on top.


Click the ball on the top left row, left of the most front one.

A fifth layer will appear.


Then, click one of the window panels of the fifth tier, the top rightest one.

A floating blue item resembling Mira will appear.


The last one was most hard for me. You need to click the top layer of the orange tower between the Mira-like object and the cake will go down in flames.


I must say this is one hilarious cake.


Legends of the Land

If you’re wondering, the owl Avalon is conversing with is Zios’ spy.
So, yeah, it’s late now and I really need to sleep.
Been reminded thrice already, but I just really need to wrap this up-!
So, yeah!
Have a great day all, and jam on!

2 comments on “Hilarious Cake

  1. Swimmerchamp (still using this here haha) says:

    I love the new birthday items! Kind of sad that AJHQ releases so many new items for only a limited time…

    How’s life, Rainbow?

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